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Castello Cheese’s Kevin Rider Comments on Top 10 Finalists for “Hype the Havarti Food Truck Challenge”

Castello Cheese’s Kevin Rider Comments on Top 10 Finalists for “Hype the Havarti Food Truck Challenge”

Monday, August 8th, 2022

Creative culinary combinations are a thing of beauty in our industry, for the endless possibilities to use products give way to the deft hands and innovative minds that foodservice operators wield. How best to harness that imagination? Why, by having a challenge of course! Castello, part of the Arla family, recently rolled out a “Hype the Havarti Food Truck Challenge.” Now, the top 10 finalists are in.

Kevin Rider, Brand Manager, Castello Cheese“We received so many creative submissions, so it was no easy task to choose the top 10 finalists for our ‘Hype the Havarti Food Truck Challenge.’ Ultimately, we chose the recipes that showcased the versatility and meltability of our authentically Danish and irresistibly Creamy Havarti Cheese,” said Kevin Rider, Castello Brand Manager. “The finalists have revealed their most creative recipes that highlight the endless possibilities that come with our Creamy Havarti Cheese. We hope everyone enjoyed the food truck hype events and are inspired to go to their local grocery store, buy Castello Havarti, and recreate the recipe at home.”

During Phase 2 of the recipe contest, consumers voted on their favorite recipes for the Grand Prize, which consists of $20,000 and a year’s supply of Castello Cheese. The creative takes submitted this year were:

Spotlighting the versatility of its Creamy Havarti, Castello Cheese recently launched its "Hype the Havarti Food Truck Challenge"

These recipes were featured and highlighted on, where consumers could vote on the most enticing dish. For those eager to keep going back and trying them out for themselves, the cheesemaker will keep the recipes posted for inspiration once the contest is closed.

“The passion and creativity from the finalists have been nothing short of amazing when it comes to ‘hyping the Havarti’ with their loyal fans and event-goers alike. From hype on their social channels, in-person events, and online articles to T.V. and radio segments, they have really gone above and beyond to share their unique recipes and how delicious and versatile Castello Havarti is in elevating dishes!” continued Kevin. “It’s been great to see how much consumers have been supporting their local food trucks while enjoying these original recipes. It’s going to be a difficult decision to choose just one recipe, but we can’t wait to share the great news and celebrate the grand prize winner, who will take home the $20,000 Grand Prize!”

Who will take home not only the grand prize but the prestige of mastering the Havarti? Stay tuned as we report.

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Some things do get better with age.Odyssey - Award Winning - Feta Chunk in Brineyour winning lineup for game day snacking

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