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Champignon North America's Flynne Wiley Discusses Social Media Geo-Targeted Ad Campaigns

Champignon North America's Flynne Wiley Discusses Social Media Geo-Targeted Ad Campaigns

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

In-store demos have long been an effective way for shoppers to discover new products, but social media is now where many shoppers learn about and share new products. But turning social media marketing into a sale at store level can be a challenge for brick-and-mortar retailers. For buyers partnering with Champignon North America, this certainly won’t be an issue. I spoke with Flynne Wiley, Chief Executive Officer, to learn more.

“We are heavily supporting our retailers this year with social media geo-targeted ad campaigns,” she told me. “This approach allows us to engage cheese lovers with a path to purchase our cheeses at local retailers. All ads are directly linked to our Find Near You’ function on our website which utilizes the Destini product locator platform to map out which retailers carry our brands in their local area with just one click.”

Over 3,700 store locations are uploaded on the platform, featuring the company’s entire portfolio—even its bulk weight cheeses such as Cambozola, Black Label, Grand Noir, and Champignon Mushroom.

In order to drive this interest in the cheesemaker’s products, Champignon has been working extensively to create content that drives engagement and interest.

Alongside its social media geo-targeted ad campaigns, Champignon North America has collaborated with influencers to showcase its broad product portfolio (Photo credit: Jon Andexler) “We have collaborated with a broad range of social media influencers to showcase our brands,” Flynne added. “Cheese board maven Amanda Starley developed for us this year pairing concepts for our Cambozola and Cambozola Black Label. Chef Frank of Proto Cooks has also featured some amazing culinary creations such as Cambozola Black Label compound butter. We have also partnered with TikTok foodie influencers to showcase quick and easy recipe tutorials featuring Briette and Rougette Bonfire cheeses.”

We’ll continue to check in with Champignon on more updates from the company, so stay tuned!

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