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Cookies Con Amore Debuts Show-Stopping Seasonal Treats

Cookies Con Amore Debuts Show-Stopping Seasonal Treats

Monday, November 25th, 2019

When looking for a centerpiece to showcase on your holiday dinner table, an elegant gift, or just something to snack on, cookies are a confection that fit the bill for any of those needs. But to really up the ante, a little flair can go a long way, and Cookies Con Amore has a seasonal offering that can bring cheer to even the Scrooge-iest of Scrooges. The cookie company has introduced its Christmas Tree basket, an assortment of cookies that are the perfect addition to holiday parties, for the office, or even as a gift.

Fernanda Capraro, Founder, Cookies Con Amore“Holidays are special times when family and friends come together to celebrate. Having a distinctive package like the Christmas Tree basket, filled with delicious and shareable cookies, will make the gathering extra special,” Fernanda Capraro, Founder of Cookies Con Amore, said in a press release. “Amore means love in Italian and our goal is to help spread the love over the holiday and make it a little bit sweeter for everyone.”

The Christmas Tree Cookie basket is available in limited quantities, so retailers should hurry to contact their distributors or Cookies Con Amore directly to acquire some baskets to feature. The baskets are available in a traditional mix of cookies, and a gluten-free assortment as well.

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Cookies Con Amore bakes its cookies fresh daily in its San Marcos bakery, with packing options that include baskets, clam shells, tins, boxes, and single serve, offering customers a range of merchandising and customization options. The company’s cookies are inspired by recipes that can be traced back through five generations of the Polini-Caparo Family, producing high-quality, hand-crafted, delicious, old-fashioned Italian cookies.

“These cookies are like the ones made by my mother and nonna (grandmother) and I wanted to share these memories and flavors with current generations as love never goes out of style!” said Capraro.

Head Baker Capraro, also known as “Nonna Fernanda,” has been featured recently on The Home Shopping Network’s Good Eating Show, and was so popular she has been invited to appear on the show again on December 9.

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