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Cypress Grove Introduces New Product

Cypress Grove Introduces New Product

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

New cheese always brings joy to my day, and I’m sure it does the same for retailers and consumers alike! Cypress Grove is the bearer of great cheese news lately as it rolls out its latest product, Little Giant.

Smooth, buttery, and delicate, Little Giant is a bright and fudgy goat cheese that makes a big impact in a tiny package. With subtly sweet, yeast-like flavors of bread fresh out of the oven and mushroomy notes that intensify as the cheese matures, this little goat cheese is mild and delectable at any age. According to the company’s release, Little Giant has a downy-white, edible rind similar to brie. Like other bloomy cheeses, it continues to ripen from the outside in as it ages.

Cypress Grove recently debuted the latest addition to its product line: a bloomy rind goat cheese named Little Giant

Little Giant is the result of years-long experimentation and development to create a 100 percent goat milk bloomy rind cheese that is as ooey-gooey and luscious as creamy cow milk cheeses. Key highlights for retailers include:

  • No cut-and-wrap required
  • Fixed weight–ideal for consumers who are looking for grab ’n go and e-commerce-friendly cheeses
  • 4 oz wheel with a 55-day shelf-life
  • Small pack size: 6/ 4 oz wheels
  • Packaged in an eye-catching box to attract attention
  • Pairs well with drinks such as sparkling wine and hazy IPA; and charcuterie bites including briny olives, shortbread cookies, and wildflower honey

Cypress Grove’s Little Giant is now available online and will be available at retailers nationwide.

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