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Cypress Grove® Receives Awards at ACS and ICA

Cypress Grove® Receives Awards at ACS and ICA

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Artisan goat cheese producer Cypress Grove® is upping the ante on its award-winning and world-renowned cheeses with notable wins across The American Cheese Society Conference (ACS) and the International Cheese & Dairy Awards (ICA).

At this year’s American Cheese Society educational conference and competition, the company’s flagship cheese Humboldt Fog® took home first place in the Soft-Ripened Cheeses Made From Goat Milk category and PsycheDillic® scooped up a first place award in the Goat Cheese With Flavor category. Intrigued by a name like PsycheDillic? So were we, the cheese is a favorite from the brand and is infused with hand-harvested dill pollen.

Christy Khattab, Deputy Managing Director, Cypress Grove®“Winning at the ACS Conference is a true honor—we were both founded in 1983, so we feel like we’ve grown up together in a way,” Christy Khattab, Deputy Managing Director, shared. “It's an honor to be recognized among our industry friends and fellow cheesemakers. We’re especially proud of Humboldt Fog’s awards of late because it affirms that year after year, Humboldt Fog is still innovative, striking, and exceptionally delicious.”

Additionally, Truffle Tremor®, a flavorful, earthy powerhouse of soft-ripened goat cheese with black truffles, and Straight Up®, a fresh goat cheese spread took home bronze awards in their respective categories, according to a press release.

Cypress Grove won multiple awards at The American Cheese Society Conference and The International Cheese & Dairy Awards

Humboldt Fog earned first place in the Best USA Cheese (Soft/Semi Soft) category, in its first year entering the ICA, and Truffle Tremor placed third in the Best USA Cheese (Goat Milk) category.

2019 ACCOLADES also include:

sofi Awards

  • First place: Straight Up

California State Fair

  • Best of California: Humboldt Fog Grande, Purple Haze
  • Gold: Ms. Natural, Sgt. Pepper, Truffle Tremor
  • Silver: Humboldt Fog Mini, Fromage Blanc

So, what does a pioneer in the industry look like? I think we can safely include Cypress Grove as a coveted qualifier.

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