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Deli Market News Reveals Top Five Picks for September

Deli Market News Reveals Top Five Picks for September

Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

September is many things to me: the beginning of fall, the return of the PSL, the ability to wear a cardigan in California without collapsing from heat stroke. But it also happens to be a month when flavorful innovations and product launches abound.

To see which products caught my eye—and will catch the eyes of consumers—look no further than my Top Five Picks below…

Montchevre Seasonal Goat Cheese Logs in Spiced Pumpkin

I am 100 percent a pumpkin spice girlie, so, naturally, when I saw Montchevre’s Spiced Pumpkin goat cheese log, I emitted a sound heard only by those attuned to the spooky things in life. The seasonal flavors also include Cranberry Cinnamon and Truffle, so there’s no end to the autumnal combinations I can create. The logs can be spread, warmed, crumbled—you name it, they have an application for it. My charcuterie board will not be without these amazing flavors, and I suggest you don’t go without either.

Ithaca Hummus Ithaca Squeeze

Portable. Hummus. Need I say more? I’ve been obsessed with hummus for as long as I can remember, and I never realized how badly I needed a travel-friendly option until Ithaca Hummus released its squeezable pouch, the Ithaca Squeeze. Marketed as extremely kid-friendly, the pouch is protein-packed, meaning that any kid—or kid at heart—will have ample opportunity to get their snack on whenever they need to.

Lady Edison Extra Fancy Country Ham

We love a partnership story! Known for their places in the specialty meat sector, Schaller & Weber and Lady Edison are working together to ensure that Lady Edison’s products hit a larger audience. The company’s Extra Fancy Country Ham will be available for distribution out of Schaller & Weber’s warehouse—and I, for one, think that’s a beautiful thing. Dry-cured, unsmoked, and aged for two years, this ham will be exclusively offered by Schaller & Weber. Sounds like a win for both companies!

Bard Valley Natural Delights® Truffles Line

Cover any fruit in chocolate and I’m there. Make that a date, and I’m knocking down the door! Bard Valley Natural Delights® recently released its Truffles product line, which offers the delectable combination of Medjool dates and smooth chocolate. Bridging the gap across multiple departments, you can merchandise Truffles anywhere from grab-and-go to the produce aisle. Maybe we’ll start seeing more deli items in that space? After all, every charcuterie board needs its cheese, meat, and dates. I don’t make the rules.

Litehouse Dressing & Dip in Garlic Ranch

A self-proclaimed pumpkin spice girlie, I am also a proud garlic girlie. You know the kind that ignores the suggested instructions of one clove and adds 10 instead? So when Litehouse announced its new Garlic Ranch dressing, I was basically frothing at the mouth. Both dressing and dip, the Garlic Ranch flavor is one I know will be great on everything from a veggie platter to a sandwich wrap. Excuse me while I go buy these in bulk!

October is about to be spook-tacular, so stay tuned for our picks next month!