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Deli Market News Shares April Top Picks

Deli Market News Shares April Top Picks

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

April is my birthday month, so you know I had to bring the proverbial heat to my April Picks choices. The following perfectly encapsulate my obsession with my one true love—cheese. They also wouldn’t look too bad grouped together on a cheese board, with a little bit of ranch dressing to tie it all together.

Unconvinced? Let’s dive in.

Whisps Baked Cheese Bites

New SKUs were added to this lineup and I, for one, could hardly believe my eyes when I saw them roll out. Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese Bites AND Buffalo Cheese & Pretzel Bites? Be still, my heart. Whisps always packs a punch with its flavors and these do not disappoint. An excellent snack, pick-me-up, or overall treat-yourself indulgence, these good-for-you bites are packed with protein. I’ll be stocking up.

Beemster Cheese Beemster Swiss

Swiss and I go way back. My mom used to make the best ham and Swiss sandwiches, so you can imagine that the cheese holds a special place in my heart. When Beemster Cheese expanded its portfolio to include Swiss, well, my heart might have fluttered a bit. An extremely versatile and accessible cheese, Beemster Swiss is easily merchandised alongside the elements my mom used for her sandwich: ham, specialty mustard, and some delicious bread. Shoppers won’t be able to resist!

Hidden Valley Ranch Pickle Flavored Ranch

Okay, hear me out. But if you hate pickles, you might not want to! I’m a Pickle Person to my core, and the physical need that I felt when finding out about this product borders on the obscene. This dip will be on every veggie platter I create this summer. My next test will be to determine if it’s any good on pizza. I have a feeling I’ll be happily surprised.

Klondike Cheese Company Odyssey® Naturally Smoked Feta

I’m a feta girlie, there is no denying it. I eat feta crumbled on toast for breakfast; feta as a salad topper in the afternoon; and feta stirred into creamy soups for dinner. Klondike Cheese’s Company Naturally Smoked Feta brings a smoky creaminess to the cheese that I’ve never encountered before, and it’s safe to say I’ll be adding this product to my cheese rotation.

Volpi Foods Eco-Pack Packaging

Reducing plastic, all while housing some of the tastiest charcuterie cuts in the biz? Now that’s what I call a win. Volpi Foods has taken sustainable packaging to a new level with its Eco-Pack packaging after transitioning its entire pre-sliced line to this format in 2021. Shoppers are always chasing after that product that delivers on both taste and value, and Volpi Foods answered their prayers.

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