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Distribution Innovator KeHE Touts Successful Holiday Show

Distribution Innovator KeHE Touts Successful Holiday Show

Sunday, July 5th, 2020

As many businesses turn to the virtual world, new challenges arise. KeHE Distributors, however, has been one such company turning those challenges into industry successes. Its Holidays of Hope, its first-ever virtual Holiday Show, saw retailers from across the nation logging in at unprecedented rates.

Brian Wilkinson, Chief Information Officer, KeHE Distributors“The success of this year’s Holidays of Hope virtual show was a culmination of the company’s proactive work to go digital, and we are proud to say that it has been our most successful show yet," stated Brian Wilkinson, Chief Information Officer. “Over the last few years, we have embarked on a journey to become the Next Generation distributor. Through KeHE’s strategic growth of in-house technology solutions, we have been able to gradually expand our digital event offerings and ultimately launch our first company-wide virtual show.”

Although Holidays of Hope looked different this year, a press release noted that KeHE still celebrated its commitment to innovation with its On Trend® Awards.

After reviewing over 120 brand submissions for innovation, purpose, ingredients, and salability, KeHE named 16 On Trend winners (Deli Market News has selected the ones pertaining to our industry):

Ari Goldsmith, Vice President of Marketing, KeHE Distributors“We look forward to gathering in-person for future shows but until then, our entire enterprise remains adaptable and committed to partnering with our retailer and supplier partners regardless of the current landscape,” added Ari Goldsmith, Vice President of Marketing.

KeHE also hosted two more virtual components to enhance its Holidays of Hope show: the Next Generation Innovation Showcase and the Next Generation Innovation Face-off. The former is a cornerstone of KeHE’s commitment to bringing innovation to its retailers, giving customers the opportunity to choose between 17 cutting-edge brands to bring into their distribution centers.The latter had the top five brands of the original 17 present a two-minute video patch as retailers watched to determine one winner.

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