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FOODMatch Rolls Out Several Products for National Olive Day; Brandon Gross Comments

FOODMatch Rolls Out Several Products for National Olive Day; Brandon Gross Comments

Monday, May 1st, 2023

Alert, alert! New products are coming to the olive section, and it’s a cause for celebration. June 1 will have consumers flocking to their local retailers to celebrate National Olive Day with new products from FOODMatch and its flagship brand Divina.

Brandon Gross, Vice President of Marketing, FOODMatch“National Olive Day has been a way to honor and celebrate one of the oldest and most diverse foods in the world,” commented Vice President of Marketing Brandon Gross in the release on how the company established National Olive Day in the United States eight years ago.

Occurring annually on June 1, the holiday coincides with the new crop arrival of Kalamata olives. Each year, the company has marked this commemorative day in a fun and exciting way, and this year is no exception. FOODMatch is thrilled to announce the arrival of several new and innovative products

Available in bulk case packs of four 2.2 lb pouches, the new Divina Cerignola Verde is a bright, eye-catching olive for restaurant menus, olive bars, and deli repack. Cured in the style of the Castelvetrano with light fermentation, Divina’s Cerignola Verde retains the firm, buttery bite and bright emerald color of the Castelvetrano with the stunning size of a classic Italian Cerignola, resulting in an aesthetically-pleasing olive for charcuterie boards and cheese plates.

FOODMatch and its flagship brand Divina are helping consumers celebrate National Olive Day with a few new products

For grocery and specialty retailers, FOODMatch has released a new marinated varietal line. The line consists of a classic Greek Market Mix and Pitted Italian Olive Mix, as well as an innovative Chili Lime Frescatrano™ Olive, all available in a shelf-stable glass jar.

While the company anticipates plenty of enthusiasm for the entire line, Divina is especially excited to share the Chili Lime Frescatrano with fans of the brand. This trademark olive—an unfermented Halkidiki varietal that is known for its sweet, mild, buttery flavor—is marinated in a zesty, spicy chili lime brine. This is a unique flavor profile that’s staying ahead of current flavor trends.

Will you be joining the olive provider in celebrating this young holiday with your shoppers? We here at Deli Market News surely will.