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FoodMix Marketing Communications Unveils 2024 Trend Predictions; Dan O'Connell Comments

FoodMix Marketing Communications Unveils 2024 Trend Predictions; Dan O'Connell Comments

Monday, December 11th, 2023

Are you ready for 2024? Part of preparing for the new year in our industry means taking an in-depth look at the demands and ideas driving current purchasing behaviors, and that’s exactly what FoodMix Marketing Communications has done with its 2024 trend predictions.

Dan O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, FoodMix Marketing Communications"We live and breathe all things food and beverage, and it's these insights and observations that fuel our creative energy to tell our clients' stories in relevant, meaningful ways," says Dan O'Connell, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of FoodMix Marketing Communications. "With all of these exciting shifts throughout the industry, we're thrilled to kickstart 2024 and create Brand Love in powerful ways."

Utilizing over 30 years of industry experience, the company has predicted a host of trends, along with innovative strategies for brands to build brand equity with consumers, a press release explained.

FoodMix Marketing Communications announced its latest trend predictions for 2024

Let’s not waste any time! Dig in to see what the full-service food marketing agency has predicted for the 2024 food landscape.

  • MSG is back! Expect to see more chefs proudly proclaim the use of MSG to add a surprising burst of savoriness to dishes
  • Insects will creep onto more restaurant menus, thanks to the growing number of chefs who are replacing animal proteins with edible insects to fight against climate change and add unique flavors
  • AI will take time to change the world. Think of Regenerative AI as a collaborative tool, not a replacement for human creativity
  • Brands will continue to draft off pop culture
  • Consumers will seek out interesting and exotic food and beverage options, such as kimchi, ube, halloumi, and Patsy (easy-to-eat hand pie from Michigan's Upper Peninsula)
  • Americans will not eat less, but they may take more supplements
  • The path food takes to the table will matter more than ever before. According to a survey from the Hartman Group, 69 percent of Gen Z consumers base their food and beverage purchases on environmental or social well-being issues
  • Upcycled ingredients are working their way into more foods. Upcycled foods like cacao pulp for jams and jellies or bacon fat in biscuits are examples
  • AI cannot predict the future

To read more about each of these emerging trends, click here.

And for creative strategies to tap into these evolving spaces, leave a tab open for Deli Market News.

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