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Forever Cheese Launches Truffle Kid™; Michele Buster Details

Forever Cheese Launches Truffle Kid™; Michele Buster Details

Thursday, December 15th, 2022

Goat milk cheese is already all the rage, and black truffle is a flavoring consumers seek. So, when Forever Cheese combined these two flavor bombs, magic was created. The Truffle Kid™ was recently born, a new black truffle goat’s milk cheese by Forever Cheese.

Michele Buster, Co-Founder, Forever Cheese“The Truffle Kid is a labor of love that has been in the works for quite some time,” explained Michele Buster, Co-Founder. “The final outcome is even better than I imagined. The cheese is incredibly beautiful—the truffle marbling is like a tapestry inside the cheese. It’s a fantastic addition to our popular line of Spanish goat cheeses that are approachable yet sophisticated.”

Made in Jumilla, Spain, the new cheese is a long-awaited addition to the company’s line of specialty goat cheeses, including The Drunken Goat®, Naked Goat®, and Smokin’ Goat®. With the ever-increasing popularity of truffle cheeses, Forever Cheese takes the trend in a new direction with its aged goat’s milk cheese.

According to the release, the semi-firm aged cheese is made with black truffle paste that is spread on the rind and marbled throughout the paste of the cheese. The producer uses Naked Goat® (Queso de Murcia DOP) as a base cheese and pierces it during aging, introducing the truffle paste into the wheel.

Forever Cheese has revealed the latest addition to its popular line of Spanish goat cheeses: The Truffle Kid™

Smooth, dense, and fragrant, the marbling gives an aesthetically pleasing appeal, and the flavor is also remarkable. The Truffle Kid is truffle-forward while maintaining mild lactic notes and a sweet and tangy finish.

Forever Cheese developed The Truffle Kid with its longtime partner Central Quesera Montesinos, who also make the aged goat cheeses for The Drunken Goat and Naked Goat. These cheeses stand out for their use of Murciana goat’s milk from the breed native to the region of Murcia, where they are made. This type of milk is higher in fat and protein and contributes to the incredible creaminess of the cheese. It is expertly aged for six months before arriving in the U.S. and sold in grocery and specialty stores throughout the country.

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