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GloryBee's Honey Products Take Over Charcuterie Boards

GloryBee's Honey Products Take Over Charcuterie Boards

Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

If I were to create my dream charcuterie board, incidentally, my theme would be dreams, and the board would feature GloryBee’s full product collection. Because, to speak with Dick and Pat Turanski, the founders of the company behind the star of my charcuterie board, is to enter a passionate discussion about the power of hopes and dreams—as a dream was really what helped turn GloryBee into a full-fledged specialty food operation.

Pat Turanski, Co-Founder, GloryBee“We first started GloryBee after opening a honey stand in our garage in 1975. As beekeepers, we dream of providing natural, healthy ingredients to the marketplace,” Pat shared with me. “Here at GloryBee, we have a vision for a healthy world where bees and people thrive. For over 45 years, we’ve been pursuing that vision by building an ecosystem of like-minded partners throughout our supply chain, all of whom are dedicated to producing food in a healthful and sustainable way for our retail, manufacturing, and wholesale customers.”

The GloryBee team is also insistent on wielding the highest quality, ethically-sourced, organic, and natural ingredients in its honey products. These ingredients, when combined with the company’s passion for health and sustainability, are an easy way to win over consumers looking for more than just food brands on store shelves.

In fact, Dick chimed in to note that consumers are looking for brands that provide a positive and memorable experience—through both its flavor profile and its story.

Dick Turanski, Co-Founder, GloryBee“And, when it comes to having a great story, GloryBee’s Simply Raw Honey checks all of the boxes. We take our role as a natural and organic ingredient partner very seriously,” Dick said. “With a variety of different types, including Organic, Non-GMO, Fairtrade, Local, and Single Floral Source Varietals, each of our products have a uniquely delicious flavor all its own and are a great complement to cheese and charcuterie boards. Just a small dollop of GloryBee Simply Raw Honey drizzled over a creamy, salty cheese on top of a crusty bite of bread gives the perfect sweet and savory flavor combination.”

One reason for this “uniquely delicious flavor” is the minimal processing GloryBee Simply Raw Honey undergoes: never heated above 115° F and only strained—never filtered—to maintain the natural pollen and healthy enzymes and produce that pleasant creamy texture.

But, if the honey itself isn’t enough to win consumers over, GloryBee has also added a little philanthropy to its innovative product line. Each honey is True Source Certified®, with a portion of the sales donated to SAVE the BEE® to help support honeybee research and health.

The GloryBee team is insistent on wielding the highest quality, ethically-sourced, organic, and natural ingredients in its honey products“GloryBee is a company founded by beekeepers, and we feel it is our responsibility to increase awareness of the plight of pollinators and the critical role honeybees play in our food supply,” Pat told me. “Honeybees provide 80 percent of agricultural pollination in the U.S., which accounts for one in three bites of food we eat. This is why GloryBee gives one percent of retail honey sales to our SAVE the BEE initiative.”

Dick added, “We want to support scientific research and provide ‘best practice’ education to beekeepers, farmers, and gardeners through our SAVE the BEE initiative. Several of GloryBee’s retail and manufacturing customers have partnered with us in raising funds, and to date SAVE the BEE has giving half a million dollars to Oregon State University’s Honeybee Research lab.”

With GloryBee products lining retailers' store shelves—easily cross-merchandised across a variety of departments—I'm thinking consumers everywhere will soon be adopting dreams as the theme of their at-home charcuterie boards. And I cannot blame them after speaking with Pat and Dick.

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