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Goldthread Plant-Based Tonics Debuts New Product

Goldthread Plant-Based Tonics Debuts New Product

Thursday, May 14th, 2020

Industry innovators up and down the supply chain are unlocking the potential of staple grocery items. Take Goldthread Plant-Based Tonics, for example. The company recently launched a new product that’s highlighting just how fun eating our veggies can be.

I chatted with Edith Siff, CEO, to find out all that I could about Goldthread’s new Power Packs and maybe even try a few of the flavors for myself.

“Just as our individual tonics are a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts due to the professional formulation, Goldthread Power Packs multiply the effects of our individual tonics. We are all about getting everyone drinking more plants and experiencing the powerful benefits that a therapeutic dose of medicinal plants can provide,” Edith shared with me. “The Power Packs make it simple and enjoyable to get real results with a two-step program that sets consumers up for success, rather than bogging them down with an overly complicated and unpleasant program.”

The Power Packs come with six premium tonics per pack and feature two SKUs that share complementary properties. Each pack also targets the key aspects of health so that consumers can build a program that meets their individual needs by mixing and matching the packs.

The full list of Power Packs includes the following one-of-a-kind flavors:

“Goldthread tonics are unique in the market for their potency, professional formulation, and incredible taste experience. The Power Packs build on that by providing an easy-to-follow, three-day program that delivers real results. For example, the Chill and Energy packs make a good pair because together they support restorative sleep and sustainable energy for an enhanced effect,” Edith explained. “In addition, these packs are a tremendous opportunity in the retail environment, offering stores an easy way to increase a Goldthread tonic purchase from one or two bottles per cart to a minimum of six.”

Each of Goldthread Plant-Based Tonics' Power Packs  target key aspects of health so that consumers can build a program that meets their individual needs by mixing and matching the packs

The packaging of the Power Packs is also designed to catch shoppers' eyes. Each pack provides clear benefit call-outs to help convert first-time tonic buyers and inspire healthy eaters to try something new.

“We are building on the cold-pressed juice cleanse with a tonic program that addresses multiple functions that consumers are looking for in a shelf-stable bottle to allow for a variety of merchandising options at retail,” Edith concluded.

Though the Power Packs just launched in April, this unique product is exactly what retailers have been looking for to diversify their offerings.

Goldthread Plant-Based Tonics