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Goya Introduces Coquito-Inspired Holiday Line

Goya Introduces Coquito-Inspired Holiday Line

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

In my humble opinion, eggnog is only to be enjoyed on or after Thanksgiving. While not everyone will agree with me, Goya Foods’ newest release may be a solution to the consumer’s seasonal qualms. The company launched several new products inspired by the classically Puerto Rican drink, Coquito, which is sometimes referred to as the Hispanic eggnog. The drink utilizes a creamy coconut flavor, creating a product that even I can enjoy year-round.

Joe Perez, Senior Vice President, Goya (Photo Source: brandchannel)"Goya brings families and friends of all cultures together through the products and recipes we create, and the preservation of our traditions. We want to introduce Coquito as a new holiday tradition to those who are looking to give a Caribbean twist to their seasonal beverages and to celebrate with those who know and love our Coquito recipe and products," said Joe Perez, Senior Vice President.

The Coquito drink utilizes a creamy coconut flavor, creating a product that anyone can enjoy year-round

For shoppers looking at new ways to holiday, the coconut Coquito drink is the perfect option. According to a press release, the thick and creamy beverage is most commonly served cold during Christmas along with some soul-warming rum. Goya Foods, however, is providing consumers with a ready-made Coquito drink, combining GOYA® Coconut Milk with sweet GOYA® Cream of Coconut, cinnamon, and rum. Aside from this specialty offering, Goya released Coquito Cake, Coquito Cream Pie, and Iced Coquito Cookies.

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