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Grillo's Pickles Collaborates With Nickelodeon

Grillo's Pickles Collaborates With Nickelodeon

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Grillo’s Pickles has a special place in the Deli Market News team’s heart. (What can we say? We enjoy a deliciously crafted pickle.) Naturally, when word came to us that Grillo’s was collaborating with Nickelodeon and the creatives behind the iconic show, Rugrats, we were intrigued. Launching limited-edition pickles with labels bearing Tommy Pickles, these 32-oz Dill Pickle Spears will soon be available nationwide at retailers like Whole Foods, Target, and Safeway.

Grillo's Pickles and Nickelodeon are collaborating to bring limited edition pickle packaging based on Rugrats

“Tommy has taken over Sam Sam the pickle man’s chair for the first time ever, and has claimed the throne as pickle king—but only for a limited time!” Grillo’s wrote in a statement sent to Deli Market News. “This collaboration with the iconic Nickelodeon Rugrats characters hopes to spread smiles across the country and answer a lifelong question… Does Tommy Pickles actually like pickles?

These new pickles, according to the statement, are slated to appear as soon as April 15.

Grillo’s Pickles' 32 oz Dill Pickle Spears will soon be available nationwide at retailers like Whole Foods, Target, and Safeway

In addition, the company announced that it plans to launch a new product: Pickle de Gallo! This pickle-based salsa is set to hit aisles in May, just in time for Cinco de Mayo. And as if that wasn’t enough, Grillo’s will be releasing a mini 4-oz tub for grab-and-go snackers.

So many pickles, too little time! Keep reading Deli Market News as we continue to cover the latest in specialty foods.

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