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Have an Olive Day With This Scintillating Spanish Snack

Have an Olive Day With This Scintillating Spanish Snack

Friday, June 28th, 2019

For the third, wonderful year in a row, Olives from Spain came back to New York’s Summer Fancy Food Show to further reach out to the more than 17,000 professionals in the Hotel Restaurant and Café (HORECA) sector. How did attendees receive the most authentic Mediterranean snack? Oh, you can bet people had an Olive Day.

Olive dressings at the 'Have an Olive Day' stand
Olives from Spain’s campaign, Have an Olive Day, came in full force with chef Alberto Astudillo making his original dressings to entertain samplers. For all three days of the Food Show, a multitude of creative recipes showcased the versatility of olives such as: olives with chili peppers and walnuts, olives with goat cheese and paprika, and crackers with olives and ginger. I might have to recreate these pairings myself at home.

Food professionals exploring the 'Have an Olive Day' stand at the Summer Fancy Food Show

95 percent of the pepper-filled olives consumed by Americans are from Spain, leading to the U.S. importing more than 155 million pounds of olives each year. Olives from Spain has made American consumers recognize the many uses in a plethora of creative recipes, portraying its infinite gastronomic possibilities.

Visit Olives from Spain to see more information and new recipes delivered from the effervescent José Andrés, the de facto olive ambassador. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go buy a jar myself. Deli Market News will keep you posted in more specialty food news.

Olives from Spain