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Heritage Grocers Group, Parent to Cardenas Markets, Joins the Upside Platform; Adam Salgado and Tyler Renaghan Detail

Heritage Grocers Group, Parent to Cardenas Markets, Joins the Upside Platform; Adam Salgado and Tyler Renaghan Detail

Thursday, September 21st, 2023

As the digital retail landscape continues to shift and evolve, grocers are making strategic partnership plays to stay ahead. Heritage Grocers Group, parent company to brands such as Cardenas Markets, El Rancho Supermercado, and Tony’s Fresh Market, expanded its partnership with Upside. This collaboration will now include El Rancho Supermercado and Tony’s Fresh Market.

Adam Salgado, Chief Marketing Officer, Heritage Grocers Group“Cardenas Markets’ partnership with Upside has had a positive impact on our business, but more importantly has provided our customers even greater value, convenience, and savings,” Adam Salgado, Chief Marketing Officer at Heritage Grocers Group, commented. “Heritage Grocers Group has a longstanding tradition of serving diverse communities with top-quality products and service. Our continued partnership with Upside allows us to further this tradition while harnessing cutting-edge technology.”

This expansion highlights Heritage Grocer Group’s commitment to providing an enriched customer experience across all banners, as noted in the release. Since the partnership began in 2021, Cardenas’ partnership with Upside has delivered remarkable results.

As part of an expanded partnership with Heritage Grocers Group, the Upside digital marketplace will now include the El Rancho Supermercado and Tony’s Fresh Market banners

The release went on to note that Upside’s top-rated mobile app and partner apps provide a platform for retail partners to reach 30 million potential customers, boosting their chances of tapping into on-the-go demand.

Tyler Renaghan, Vice President of Retail, Upside“Heritage Grocers Group is dedicated to innovating in the grocery retail industry and continually exploring new ways to attract more customers to their stores. Our approach—which helps customers get more value from their everyday purchases while retailers earn extra profit—is a guaranteed way to attract new visitors and keep the regulars coming back for more,” Tyler Renaghan, Vice President of Retail at Upside, detailed. “We’re genuinely excited about expanding this strategy to Heritage Grocers Group’s other brands, ensuring their stores continue to thrive with satisfied shoppers.”

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