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Ithaca Hummus Welcomes New National Vice President of Sales

Ithaca Hummus Welcomes New National Vice President of Sales

Monday, July 1st, 2019

With consumers leaning more into healthy eating habits, hummus is a fast-growing category, with many hummus companies growing by leaps and bounds. Ithaca Hummus, as part of an overall growth strategy, has brought on a new executive to help lead its sales team. The company has appointed Pete Loizzo, former Sabra Dipping Company veteran, to the role of VP of Sales. This move will help to solidify the brand’s position as a premium offering in the hummus category.

Pete Loizzo, National Vice President of Sales, Ithaca Hummus“As an expert in the category, I recognized that Ithaca’s point of difference is not only on trend and meaningful to consumers, but also truly unique in the competitive landscape,” said Loizzo, incoming VP of Sales. “Most people would use fresh ingredients if they were making hummus for themselves at home, right? Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening on a national scale in our category. Ithaca is a brand that delivers on its promise to change that. We combine the convenience of buying hummus at the supermarket with a product that tastes like it just came out of your blender at home. I am so proud to join a great team of people and excited to help grow this amazing brand.”

Ithaca’s line of hummus is made with real food ingredients, so the product tastes fresh

With over 10 years of experience in the hummus category, Loizzo will be a valuable new addition to the team. At Sabra, he served in a variety of roles, most recently leading the company’s Foodservice and C-Store/Drug Store sales division, according to a press release. Ithaca will have much to gain from Loizzo’s success in market expansion, in-store execution, and sales strategy, as the company continues to expand its shelf presence and customer partnerships.

Chris Kirby, Founder and President, Ithaca Craft Hummus“Five years ago, you could only buy Ithaca Hummus from me at the Ithaca Farmers Market,” said Chris Kirby, Founder and President. “Today, our hummus can be found in over 3,500 stores—and we’re just getting started. We’ve built our brand by staying scrappy, limiting our distribution, and honoring our commitment to crafting delicious hummus with only real ingredients. Pete adds tremendous horsepower to our team that he will focus on cultivating deeper partnerships with our current retailers and strategically expanding our distribution.”

Elevating consumer expectations of how hummus from the grocery store should taste, Ithaca’s all-natural hummus line stands out in a crowded category of look- and taste-alike brands. Ithaca’s line of hummus is made with real food ingredients, so the product tastes fresh—and in stand-out white containers, the hummus is sure to shake up the entire category.

Congratulations to Pete and the Ithaca team!

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