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KeHE Distributors Announces Partnership With WeStock; Katie Paul and Cameron McCarthy Comment

KeHE Distributors Announces Partnership With WeStock; Katie Paul and Cameron McCarthy Comment

Thursday, March 9th, 2023

A new partnership between KeHE Distributors and WeStock has been forged, allowing suppliers bigger exposure and retailers access to first-party consumer data as they plan product foraging, curation, and assortment decisions.

Katie Paul, Senior Vice President of Merchandising, KeHE“We are excited to announce this first-to-market partnership, which allows brands already in KeHE to maximize their distribution and increase velocities by leveraging WeStock data,” said Katie Paul, KeHE’s Senior Vice President of Merchandising. “This level of consumer transparency empowers brands to actively engage their online audience to shop their brand in retail, allowing KeHE to move products more efficiently through our distribution centers and increase sales for brands and retail partners.”

By partnering with WeStock, which helps brands identify where their online audience wants to see them carried, KeHE and its retail partners will discover new products to carry based on a brand’s consumer demand and empower their current suppliers to push their online customers in-store.

KeHE Distributors entered a partnership with WeStock to allow suppliers and retailers to boost visibility on products

As noted in the release, WeStock works with over 700 brands like Avaline, Chomps, Utz, and Athletic Brewing to help them grow their retail sales through first-party data. This partnership will enable brands that use WeStock to be easily discovered by KeHE and KeHE’s retail partners.

Cameron McCarthy, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, WeStock“KeHE is a dream partner for WeStock. Our goal from day one was to make consumer data more accessible and actionable. This partnership with KeHE will fast-track our efforts and help thousands of brands achieve retail success,” said Cameron McCarthy, WeStock’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

KeHE and WeStock will continue to grow this partnership over the coming months and will announce several supported retail partners soon.

Excitement is afoot! Keep an eye out for more industry developments with DMN.

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