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King Floyd's Diversifies Snack Category With Bar-Forward Creations

King Floyd's Diversifies Snack Category With Bar-Forward Creations

Monday, February 24th, 2020

The old guard of our industry just doesn’t cut it anymore. With new innovations hitting the market seemingly every month, those companies willing to take a chance on the unique, unusual, and inspiring are finding their products have more of a staying power in today’s ever-evolving market. While King Floyd’s as a company has only been competitive in this market for almost three years, the brand’s distinctive product lines already fit the bill on exactly what foodservice, retail, and the end-consumer is looking for.

I sat down to chat with the founders behind King Floyd’s, Lawrence Floyd Batterton and Biambu Garrett, to find out more about the company’s one-of-a-kind, bar-forward products that are making a major impact.

 Lawrence Floyd Batterton, Co-Founder, King Floyd’s“The heart of King Floyd’s is our bitters. I’ve been in the extract business for 20 years, but it wasn’t until seven years ago that I started perfecting my own recipes,” Lawrence began. “Craft cocktails are exploding right now alongside the culinary arts. Chefs, celebrities, and consumers are all getting involved. With this burgeoning trend in mind, we launched King Floyd’s three years ago and have since built more products into our brand after realizing there were more opportunities to meet the needs of today’s bars.”

This included expanding into flavored salts, sugar, and snacks—all goodies that further complement bar necessities and those boozy-themed cheese and charcuterie boards.

Biambu Garrett, Co-Founder, King Floyd's“People that I run across in metropolitan regions with strong bar culture scenes tend to look for those more unique items. They don’t want to go with the standard or what they’re used to—and they’re interested in paying more for a high-quality product. With our product lines, we’re trying to meet these needs,” Biambu noted. “Most of the ingredients we use in our product lines are organic, which ups the quality of our goods. We also make bitters that we consider to be the best in the world, and sharing that with our customers intrigues them—they like to be a part of that.”

When we talk about industry trends, it’s easy to pinpoint where innovations jumped from foodservice menus to retail shelves. For a company like King Floyd’s who’s ahead of its time in both flavor pairings and the applications of said pairings, beating the best culinary minds to the punch is old hat. Instead, the company has made it its mission to introduce the next big bar staples to the industry.

King Floyd's offers a variety of bar-forward and complementary products, including bitters, peanuts, and flavored salts and sugar—all available in eye-catching packaging“All of our bitters are great and unlike anything else out there. Bitters usually take a long time to make, and we’ve been working on some of our bestsellers like our Aromatic Bitters for almost seven years. We perfected our bitters line by working alongside craft cocktail masters in San Francisco and Fairfax with the goal of adding the maximum amount of complexity to any drink, which means infusing 10 to 12 different notes in one drink alone,” Lawrence explained. “We wanted each individual flavor in our bitters to hit at different times and change the nature of the experience. The current products on the market are light, so we wanted a line with robust, unique, and fun flavor profiles.”

On the snack side, the King Floyd’s team also applied this flavor pairing expertise to its line of peanuts, which are a great complement to any drinks menu.

“Our Dill Pickle peanuts are a huge hit with consumers,” Biambu shared. “We didn’t quite realize how addicting they were until people started telling us that they ate the whole container on the way home from the grocery store. We then went on to develop five other flavors. Our newest additions, Margarita and Bloody Mary, are cocktail-inspired. We also have a great line of flavored salts and sugar that are great for rims and glasses—and even for cooking in the kitchen.”

King Floyd's has made it its mission to introduce the next big bar staples to the industry

If all of these powerhouse flavors don’t catch your attention, King Floyd’s packaging is eye-catching enough as is. With a Barbary Coast-theme and an origin story that traces back to the Bay Area’s famed Emperor Norton and a random flea market find, the packaging is unlike anything stocked on retail shelves today—a fact that resonates across King Floyd’s operation as well.

As more industry movers and shakers change the landscape of specialty foods and snacks for the better, Deli Market News will continue to bring you the latest industry news.

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