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La Brea Bakery Revamps Artisan Sandwich Carriers to Meet Shifting Foodservice Demands; Brie Buenning Discusses

La Brea Bakery Revamps Artisan Sandwich Carriers to Meet Shifting Foodservice Demands; Brie Buenning Discusses

Thursday, June 16th, 2022

As a consumer, having the variety and availability of foodservice options helps liven up weekly meals. With operators continuing to build back up their presence amidst the continuous changes brought by the pandemic, companies like La Brea Bakery are giving a boost to the wave. The artisan bread brand recently announced a number of advancements to its sandwich carriers for the foodservice industry.

Brie Buenning, Director of Marketing, La Brea Bakery“The pandemic has significantly impacted the foodservice industry, and the needs of operators have shifted,” said Brie Buenning, Director of Marketing. “Operators are looking for product solutions that help address labor constraints and can be used in multiple applications across the menu. When we examined our portfolio, we saw an opportunity to enhance our sandwich carriers to address operators’ changing needs in a challenging environment.”

According to the release, La Brea Bakery’s new and improved sandwich carriers include the following:

  • A refreshed assortment of carrier breads such as brioche buns, Telera rolls and sliders, La Baccia rolls, sourdough demi baguettes, French demi baguettes, ¼ Focaccia, ciabatta rolls, and multigrain sliced sandwich bread
  • Carriers’ ambient shelf-life has increased to four days using natural enzyme technology
  • La Brea Bakery carriers are now sold Thaw & Sell
  • Vegan certification for all carriers

By offering a refreshed assortment of carrier breads, operators can simplify their inventory to bread products that are versatile enough to be used across the menu and truly meet business needs. And with the improvement of increased ambient shelf-life, carriers can be kept ambient longer, and operators can free up freezer space to use bread over several days, decreasing waste and maximizing profits.

In order to give foodservice operators a leg up, La Brea Bakery has unveiled new and improved sandwich carriers

Unlike parbaked products, continued the release, Thaw & Sell bread does not need to be baked before serving, thereby reducing labor, saving time, and making La Brea Bakery products easier to use.

With plant-based diets continuing to grow in popularity, operators can trust that La Brea Bakery sandwich carriers (with the exception of Brioche buns and multigrain sliced sandwich bread) are free of all animal products, such as honey or cheese.

“We’re proud to be able to make these changes while maintaining what La Brea Bakery bread is known for: delicious artisan bread made with time and care that elevates any eating experience,” said Buenning.

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