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Les Trois Petits Cochons Introduces Egg White Bites

Les Trois Petits Cochons Introduces Egg White Bites

Friday, August 23rd, 2019

When I was growing up, TV commercials told me that eggs were both incredible and edible (why they felt the need to clarify ‘edible’ is beyond me). But as an adult, I’ve learned that eggs can be so much more. Eggs are many things: healthy, versatile, delicious, protein-packed, easy—the list goes on. Les Trois Petits Cochons Inc. (Three Little Pigs) has latched on to this superfood and taken it to a whole new level with its sous-vide Egg Bites. Now, the company is launching a new flavor and recipe that will boost the snack’s health creds.

Ada Desmond, Marketing Manager, Les Trois Petits Cochons“There is a strong market for convenience foods that are individually portioned, but a lack of choices that are made with healthy ingredients. Our Egg Bites meet that demand, and they appeal to everyone,” Ada Desmond, Marketing Manager commented. “Our charcuteries are all made by hand in small batches with all-natural ingredients and are free from preservatives—they’ve also won 21 food awards—and we’re bringing that same ethos to our Egg Bites as well as our new organic range of French-style charcuterie.”

To me, the Egg Bites resemble adorable crustless mini quiches, and come in flavors like Bacon & Swiss—a play on classic quiche Lorraine flavors, Spinach & Feta, and Prosciutto & Gruyere. The entire line contains no added sugar, utilizes only cage-free eggs, and is available in specialty food stores, larger chains, and online through the company’s website.

Les Trois Petits Cochons’ new Egg White Bites are a healthy snacking alternative with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives

Les Trois Petits Cochons has new products on the horizon as well, introducing its new Egg White Bite, a healthier option for consumers. Launching in September, the first Egg White Bite comes in a Broccoli & Parmesan flavor, and holds a special place in the market. Starbucks had somewhat monopolized the sous-vide egg bite category, but Les Trois Petits Cochons’ Egg Bites and Egg White Bites are available to consumers in retail locations as a healthy snack option. The new Egg White Bite is egg white-based, so it’s naturally high in protein and lower in cholesterol—a solution for consumers craving more nutritious snacking options.

“The egg white flavor is our response to consumer demand for an even healthier egg bite,” Ada continued. “We already don’t use any additives, sugar, or artificial flavoring, so this was the logical next step for us to release."

With consumers raving about the Egg Bites’ texture, flavor, and health benefits, Les Trois Petits Cochons is working on more packaging options to increase the convenience factor. For consumers looking to get more protein-packed and health-conscious foods into their diet, Egg Bites are a delicious, easy, and inventive choice.

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