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Lidl Invests $60 Million in New Facility and Announces 55 New Stores

Lidl Invests $60 Million in New Facility and Announces 55 New Stores

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

While it certainly has not abandoned its stateside expansion plans, Lidl is adding extra momentum to its growth in Europe. The grocer recently invested in a slew of new projects, including a massive $110 million-dollar facility in Ireland. Lidl also opened its first zero-emission store in the Netherlands as well as dozens of new stores in France that we reported on our sister site AndNowUKnow. Now, the company has set its sights on strategic expansion in England and Spain—opening 55 new stores in the former and erecting the Mediterranean’s largest logistics center in the latter.

"As part of ongoing national expansion plans, our dedicated property teams are working hard to identify suitable locations across England, Scotland, and Wales,” a Lidl spokesperson commented to SurreyLive. "This is for both new stores where there is demand for a Lidl, and existing stores that we would like to remodel for customers, which may require a relocation to do so.”

Lidl opened its largest Mediterranean logistics center in Spain as well as opened 55 new stores in England

The grocer has selected Surrey and Hampshire in England as regions where it plans to build the 55 new stores, looking to establish a stronger presence in the market in those areas. Lidl is still somewhat flexible on the selection of locations and is looking for cities and towns with the infrastructure to support a new grocery store, including access to parking and/or public transportation and size requirements, among others listed on Lidl’s website.

Elsewhere in Europe, Lidl has targeted Spain as a new source of growth, and its latest facility will serve to establish a new infrastructure that can support further expansion. The grocer’s new logistics center is said to be Lidl’s most advanced, sustainable, and strategic logistics facilities in the region, according to CdeComunicación, Logística. The news source reports that Lidl invested over $60 million (55 million euros) in the new facility. Spanning 51,000 square feet, the logistics center will dedicate nearly a third of its space for cold storage. The facility has the capacity for more than 30,000 pallets and has 140 unloading docks.

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