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Lilian’s WFFS 2020 Picks

Lilian’s WFFS 2020 Picks

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Recently, the Winter Fancy Food Show welcomed over 1,400 exhibitors with over 80,000 specialty products from around the world. From the moment that the doors opened to when we were ushered out of Moscone Center, this reporter spent her time wandering from booth to booth sampling everything she could and chatting up with friends new and old. Wines were poured, memories were shared, and bites aplenty were given out, but these top five picks caught my eye.

Atalanta, Celebrity Goat Cheese Line

I made a beeline to the cheese area to chat it up with Atalanta because of its Celebrity Goat Cheese Line. We’ve covered the flavored line before, so when I saw this product at the forefront for me to try in person, I was more than elated. The creamy texture and the wide range of flavors kept me hooked for a good majority of my time at the booth. Honey is always my favorite flavor profile, but the Cappuccino flavor is still the standout variety in my head. The Goat Cheese Line gives modern cheese boards a new twist with innovative flavors that spur impulse buys.

Perky Jerky, Vegan Jerky

As I made my way to the meat snacks area, my eye caught the “plant-based” packaging over at Perky Jerky. I stopped by the booth to get to know more about the product, and I was more than impressed. The texture reminds me of dried mangos, but the savory teriyaki flavor kept me reaching for more. This vegan line more than satisfied my palate while also being a healthy snacking alternative. Perky Jerky also has a line of beef jerky, but the plant-based line for sure isn’t lacking the flavor or texture jerky fans yearn for.

Epicure Foods, Amanti Guacamole Cheese

While I wandered around the booths, I saw Epicure with its green wheel of cheese that was all but devoured in the early morning. Imagine my surprise when I found out the cheese was made with puréed avocados! A flurry of questions ran through my head, but the ultimate thought was, “This is amazing!” The convenience of the guacamole flavor already infused in the cheese gives way to a multitude of recipes from sandwiches to nachos, pairing most shoppers’ two true loves: cheese and avocados. Made for modern tastes, but staying true to traditional recipes and ingredients, this cheese is sure to draw attention and eager tastebuds to the cheese section of any deli counter.

Chocolate Storybook, Gourmet Cotton Candy

As an avid dessert lover, I spent a good part of my afternoon in the confections sector of the show. However, when I saw Bacon Cotton Candy, I did a literal double-take. The family-run company has a myriad of flavors ranging from Beer to Ketchup and Fries, and I couldn’t be more surprised at the accuracy in taste! I am all for unorthodox and intrigue, so my mind instantly went to a charcuterie/flight board of savory and sweet cotton candy to try with select cured meats. Maybe a little Rosé or Pickle cotton candy to pair with some hard cheese? With a variety of flavors available, Chocolate Storybook is sure to provide an accoutrement for any occasion.

Angelic Bakehouse, Crisp Line

As I walked through from the South Hall to the North Hall, I saw Angelic Bakehouse with a group of eager attendees trying to get to the forefront. With elegant packaging and intriguing flavors, I too also stopped to try it out. Not only are the crisps delicious on their own, but the savory flavors pair well with any cheese board. The crisps were just sturdy enough to handle a nice wedge of cheese without it being too thick. I personally have to say that the Zesty Lemon stole my heart with the wonderful blueberry flavor.

Winter Fancy Food Show excited and satisfied my palate, and I can’t wait to see what other innovations are in store and in-store this year.