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Lioni Latticini Nabs Award; Giuseppe Salzarulo Comments

Lioni Latticini Nabs Award; Giuseppe Salzarulo Comments

Monday, November 21st, 2022

More news is coming in from the revered World Cheese Awards, hosted at the International Convention Centre in Newport, Wales, at the beginning of this month. One cheesemaker taking home prestigious recognition is Lioni Latticini, which nabbed a Bronze award for its Stracciatella Panna Di Latte.

Giuseppe Salzarulo, Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Lioni Latticini“It is incredibly rewarding to be recognized for excellence in cheesemaking for our latest product, Stracciatella Panna Di Latte, at the most respected and influential cheese event in the world,” said Giuseppe Salzarulo, Co-Founder, and Co-Owner of Lioni Latticini.

Lioni Latticini’s Stracciatella Panna Di Latte is an ultra-rich creamy cheese crafted from delicate shreds of pasta filata mozzarella and authentic Italian cream. According to a press release, this recent World Cheese Award is Lioni Stracciatella’s third recognition in 2022 since its launch, adding to the Specialty Food Association’s Sofi™ Award, and its 1st place win at the American Cheese Society’s Cheese Judging Competition.

Lioni Latticini recently nabbed a Bronze award for its Stracciatella Panna Di Latte

This flavorful cheese was recognized by global cheese experts, and judged based on appearance, aroma, body, texture, flavor, and mouthfeel. This year’s competition saw 4,434 entries from 42 countries and 900 companies worldwide. Since 2012, all Lioni’s Premium line products have earned previous World Cheese Awards.

Congratulations to the cheesemaker on this exciting accolade!

Lioni Latticini