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Lioni Launches New Packaging for Fresh Sliced Mozzarella

Lioni Launches New Packaging for Fresh Sliced Mozzarella

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

Fresh mozzarella has been easing its way toward convenience with snacking formats and more hitting the market as of late. Expanding upon its long-celebrated tradition by offering exceptional fresh mozzarella cheese in new formats, Lioni recently launched its own convenience-forward product. Featuring pre-sliced mozzarella in a new, easy-to-open package with a fresh look, the cheesemaker’s new product will be a hit with time-pressed consumers.

Salvatore Salzarulo, Production Manager, Lioni“Our family couldn’t think of a better time to introduce this new item, a significant time when families are cooking together and enjoying traditional meals," said Salvatore Salzarulo, Production Manager.

Delicate and smooth, Sliced Fresh Mozzarella is created the old-fashioned way made with 100 percent whole cow's milk and always made fresh-to-order. Sliced into twenty-one pieces, this deliciously creamy mozzarella is quick and easy to add to any classic sandwich or Caprese salad.

Lioni recently launched a new convenience-forward product featuring pre-sliced mozzarella in a new, easy-to-open package with a fresh look

According to a press release, Lioni’s Sliced Fresh Mozzarella is all natural, has no additives or preservatives, and is rBST free. It is available as a vacuum sealed 1-lb log with 21 slices. It is packed as 6/1-lb Logs with a shelf-life of 30 days from date of manufacture.

Andrea Salzarulo Sears, Vice President of Sales, Lioni“So many of our customers have successfully added this new item to their specialty cheese assortment. It offers consumers everywhere a chance to enjoy the same Lioni product that they have come to trust, now sliced for your convenience,” said Andrea Salzarulo Sears, Vice President of Sales.

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