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Litehouse Foods Launches New Purely Balanced Items

Litehouse Foods Launches New Purely Balanced Items

Friday, February 19th, 2021

Litehouse Foods is keeping itself well ahead of the curve as it continues to keep a finger on the pulse of consumer demands. Its most recent answer to the thrumming beat it has found is the launch of Litehouse Purely Balanced.

Camille Balfanz, Director of Brand Management, Litehouse Foods“Litehouse Purely Balanced was created for those who are out there getting things done—your millennial parents and young professionals who are always on-the-go,” Camille Balfanz, Director of Brand Management, recently shared with me. “Generally speaking, we’ve seen a shift in consumer behavior as families have responded and continue to respond to COVID-19. They are more deeply engaged with food than ever and responding with new routines.”

Answering those routines is Purely Balanced Greek yogurt dressings. Launching this month, the line offers a range of flavor solutions tailored to complement lifestyle and wellness goals while debuting five tasty-sounding choices:

  • Garden Ranch
  • Cilantro Lime
  • Garlic Caesar
  • Basil Lemon
  • Tzatziki Ranch

“We’ve created a 9 oz custom-designed squeeze container featuring thick and creamy, flavor-forward dressings with 0 grams added sugar and only 45 calories. We developed these products to help consumers lead fully balanced lives,” Camille detailed.

She added that, while snacking and convenient meal solutions had been a trend prior to the pandemic, this has become increasingly important with more eating occasions in the home.

Litehouse Foods is keeping itself well ahead of the curve as it recently launched a new line called Litehouse Purely Balanced

“Comfort foods have also come to the forefront as consumers cope with new stressors in their lives. Still, many consumers have a renewed focus on conscious consumption and products that fit with their lifestyle and diet, especially as the work-from-home environment continues over a longer period of time than people initially expected. We expect to see low- or no-sugar options take center stage in the upcoming years,” Camille concluded.

As Litehouse and other trendsetters continue to march to the beat of the consumer pulse, Deli Market News will be sure to keep you up on the latest.

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