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Lucky Foods Debuts New Brand Identity

Lucky Foods Debuts New Brand Identity

Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Lucky Foods is introducing a new brand identity to its avid followers and retail partners. This will include an all-new logo across its popular product lines under its Seoul Brand. The fresh take on its traditional identity came about to showcase Lucky’s vision, heritage, and commitment to fresh, healthy ingredients.

Megan Benson-Rolerkite, Brand Manager, Lucky Foods"We worked to create something that felt modern, approachable, and had a deeper meaning to our brand’s roots,” said Megan Benson-Rolerkite, Brand Manager. “The new logo mark has multiple meanings for us. First, it resembles a four-leaf clover, a symbol of luck in Western culture. The floral-type motif is a modern interpretation of an Asian pattern. It’s reminiscent of the detailed architecture you will find in Korean palaces—a nod to the Jo family’s heritage. These elements come together to symbolize East meets West.”

According to a press release, Lucky Foods' previous logo featured a Chinese manuscript since spring rolls were most commonly known as a Chinese Food. In fact, when Lucky Foods was first started by the Jo Family, the company only offered Spring Rolls. Since then, the brand has grown, now selling a whole host of products, including takes on the family’s Korean recipes, which led to the creation of the Seoul Brand.

Lucky Foods' new brand identity and logo came about to showcase Lucky’s vision, heritage, and commitment to fresh, healthy ingredients

"As our business grew and continues to evolve, we felt the need for a logo that more universally represents our brand and any future Asian food products we develop moving forward," Megan continued.

The new logo will be featured across Seoul Brand items, including Vegan Spring Rolls, Gluten-Free Vegan Spring Rolls, and Korean Kimchi and Condiments.

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