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Maple Leaf Farms Launches New Campaign Featuring Duck Dishes From Around the Globe

Maple Leaf Farms Launches New Campaign Featuring Duck Dishes From Around the Globe

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

While traveling the world has been nothing short of a simple daydream for many of us, many shoppers will soon be gearing up for a new adventure across cultures as Maple Leaf Farms has launched a new social media campaign, #ExploreDuck, which invites consumers to enjoy popular duck dishes from around the world.

Olivia Tucker, Marketing Manager, Maple Leaf Farms“We recognize that travel not only allows people to experience different landscapes and landmarks, but it also helps them discover different flavors and cuisines,” said Marketing Manager Olivia Tucker. “Those who are longing for these unique experiences can join us in exploring delicious dishes from Europe, Asia, South America, and beyond—all from the comfort of their own kitchen.”

The new campaign will highlight various traditional duck meals from all over the world, including Duck a l'Orange and other unique dishes like Duck Poutine, Arroz con Pato, Duck Shakshuka, and more, according to a press release. The social media campaign kicks off with the exploration of multiple Asian dishes through Chinese New Year, including Peking Duck, Duck Potstickers, and the brand’s new Duck Baos, which can be easily steamed and served within minutes.

Maple Leaf Farms launched a new social media campaign encouraging shoppers to explore global cuisine with its lineup of duck products

Duck Baos are a new product from Maple Leaf Farms that feature a traditional, soft, dumpling stuffed with roasted duck, green onions, and hoisin sauce,” Tucker explained. “The Baos are a bite-sized spin on Peking duck, so they are perfect for any Dim Sum meal or Chinese New Year’s celebration.”

Through the duration of the #ExploreDuck campaign, Maple Leaf Farms will be showcasing a different dish from a different corner of the world every few weeks via its Instagram and Facebook accounts. Shoppers may also sign up to receive Maple Leaf Farms’ newsletter filled with these recipes on the company’s website.

What a perfect opportunity to travel the world from the comfort of your own home! As more and more useful strategies unveil themselves in the industry, keep checking back with Deli Market News.

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