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McDonald's Prepares for Foodservice Revamp, Setting a Precedent for the Industry

McDonald's Prepares for Foodservice Revamp, Setting a Precedent for the Industry

Monday, May 18th, 2020

Foodservice continues to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Leading operators such as fast food behemoth McDonald’s are adjusting their business models and setting a precedent for the industry by rolling out plans for reopening. The chain has sent out a detailed report for its franchisees, taking new precautions that may become the “new normal” for the industry.

According to CNN Business, McDonald’s extensive, 59-page guide to reopening places an emphasis on sanitation and social distancing amongst team members and customers. Efforts such as keeping customers six feet apart, worker sanitary gear and practices, as well as the closure of self-service operations like beverage bars and touch screen technology are all focal points of McDonald’s strategy.

McDonald’s recently rolled out its plans for reopening, detailing new precautions that may be the new normal for foodservice

The news source also stated that locations may not reopen their dining rooms until each franchise operator meets these extensive requirements. As the “new normal” is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, it is integral that restaurant operators take these steps in ensuring the safety of all as they prepare to reopen.

Will this “new normal” affect partnerships with suppliers as well as reach other foodservice operators? Deli Market News will continue to follow the pulse.