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MobileWare’s Tina and Steve Higgins Highlight Value of IoT and Connectivity

MobileWare’s Tina and Steve Higgins Highlight Value of IoT and Connectivity

Monday, August 22nd, 2022

Technology is a valuable asset in our day and age, and in the name of business, it’s more important than ever to stay up to date. That’s why we turn to the Internet of Things, or IoT for short. MobileWare is an IoT solutions provider looking out for suppliers and businesses, so I got in touch with Tina and Steve Higgins, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Executive Officer respectively, to learn how the innovator is driving companies forward.

Tina Higgins, Chief Marketing Officer, MobileWare“All industries benefit from internet connectivity, whether it’s for internal communications or point-of-sale systems retailers use to ensure reliable payment features,” begins Tina. “Our connectivity solutions are customizable to the needs of each individual business, and we do that with our unique single carrier SIM card and data connectivity solution.”

What sets MobileWare apart is its Single SIM™ technology, which connects customers with 650 cellular networks across over 200 countries. This means that a business isn’t tied to a single internet carrier. So, when one system goes down, the company’s Single SIM service will seamlessly toggle over to a different carrier.

Steve Higgins, Chief Executive Officer, MobileWare“We excel at providing our customers with secure connections with no downtime while providing savings on data,” picks up Steve. “As a company continues to grow with new locations in different markets or adds additional automation to their company structure, MobileWare will be able to provide them with secure and reliable connectivity, regardless of the number of devices or amount of data a client needs.”

A reliable connection is necessary for suppliers, buyers, and foodservice operators throughout the supply chain. As we have come to depend on innovative products to move sales, so too are we dependent on the interface to update data, tracking, and production. And that all stems from technology and communication.

IoT solutions provider MobileWare keeps suppliers and businesses up to date in internet connectivity with its proprietary Single SIM™ technology

“The number of connected devices utilized and the sheer volume of tasks that have moved to automation means that internet connectivity touches nearly every aspect of their business,” Tina explains. “We’re here to help them thrive and continue to grow with personalized service that is customized to their needs.”

One point of convenience many retailers, restaurants, and consumers are relying on is payment. Many consumers have updated their shopping habits to use credit or debit cards, rarely using cash. Online currency and payment have also become a normal part of the shopping experience, and retailers who employ these payment methods will retain customer loyalty.

With the seamless service MobileWare provides, customers can utilize 650 cellular networks across over 200 countries to update data, tracking, and production in addition to providing a reliable online payment process

“Many customers have become dependent on these forms of payment, rarely having cash on hand,” Steve says. “The inability to process a payment because of a lost internet connection not only means a bad customer experience but lost revenue as well.”

As our industry continues to grow and thrive, continue checking back to Deli Market News for the latest insights, updates, and reports.