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Mr. Tortilla's Anthony Alcazar Talks Portfolio and Expanding Retail Presence

Mr. Tortilla's Anthony Alcazar Talks Portfolio and Expanding Retail Presence

Friday, November 4th, 2022

The consumer will tell you what they want—all you have to do is listen. Mr. Tortilla is one supplier that has leaned into the desires of shoppers, bringing an in-demand offering to grocery shelves with its delicious, healthy, keto-friendly alternative to traditional tortillas. Anthony Alcazar, Founder and President of the brand, recently shared more details.

Anthony Alcazar, Founder and President, Mr. Tortilla“Customer feedback is critical to our process, and we noticed the need in the market for a lower-carb tortilla that was a viable alternative,” Anthony explains. “We focused on creating a delicious tortilla, made with the highest quality ingredients to offer customers an artisanal-quality tortilla that was keto-friendly and delicious. Our brand has since become synonymous with high-quality, keto-friendly products.”

Specializing in the foodservice sector prior to the pandemic, Mr. Tortilla has been able to expand into the retail sector and substantially broaden its consumer base with the help of Amazon.

Mr. Tortilla is bringing an in-demand offering to retail shelves in the form of its healthy, keto-friendly alternative to traditional tortillas

“Amazon gave us the opportunity to bolster its tortilla category and drive incremental growth for its grocery department, and now other retailers are seeking out our brand,” says Anthony. “We have some of the deepest margins in the industry for retailers, as our tortillas fit well in the tortilla section, with bread or keto products, as well as in delis.”

Beyond its impressive brand growth, Mr. Tortilla also differentiates itself through a long-standing commitment to give back and support others. The company donates 10 percent of its net profits to charity and another 10 percent to employee profit sharing, in addition to employing adults with special needs.

Specializing in the foodservice sector, Mr. Tortilla has expanded its reach in the retail sector and sets itself apart through its long-standing commitments to the community

“We are always willing to participate in initiatives with our retailers to ensure our brand’s positive social impact,” Anthony concluded.

As Deli Market News covers all of the brands making a splash in the industry, keep an eye out for our next update.

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