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Nestlé Invests $250 Million Into Brazilian Market

Nestlé Invests $250 Million Into Brazilian Market

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Nestlé has locked eyes on the market of São Paulo, Brazil, for a three-year-long operations renovation-type project. Reuters reported that the company plans to invest a total of $250 million (1 billion reais), which will cover the cost of new production lines and technologies in its current factories.

Marcelo Melchior, Chief Executive, Nestlé Brazil“São Paulo state is greatly important to our story, as it hosted our very first factory (in Brazil),” Marcelo Melchior, Chief Executive Officer for Nestlé Brasil, said in a statement, according to Reuters.

The news source also dubbed the food producer’s latest move as a way to digitally transform its operations in the Brazil market—a move that mimics some of the investments the state government has been implementing in São Paulo’s historic manufacturing center.

Nestlé is investing $1 million into its Brazil operations over the next three years

What does Nestlé's investment in Brazil mean for the company at large? Is something new in the works that will be used by the updated production capabilities? And what other markets does Nestlé have its eye on? Deli Market News will continue to report on all that affects the specialty foods industry.