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Nutella® Launches Campaign, #BiscuitsNBesties; Saverio Suraci Comments

Nutella® Launches Campaign, #BiscuitsNBesties; Saverio Suraci Comments

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024

I’ve been a fan of Nutella® since it was first introduced to me, and I know that many shoppers feel similarly. With a readymade fan base, the brand launches its latest campaign to inspire snackable moments between friends.

"Nutella Biscuits are made for sharing, and we're excited to celebrate people getting together with common interests, just as we bring people together who enjoy Nutella," said Saverio Suraci, Director of Marketing at Ferrero USA, parent company of the Nutella brand. "#BiscuitsNBesties spotlights these book clubs and other activity groups that draw us together, just like Nutella Biscuits."

According to a press release, the #BiscuitsNBesties campaign celebrates all manner of social get-together, whether you’re gathering for a book club, knitting circle, or need a sweet treat after a practice.

In collaboration with Kristen Kish, Nutella® launched its latest campaign to inspire snackable moments between friendsIn fact, as more people begin gathering again, events centering around food will become even more important. Just ask Kristen Kish, Host of Bravo's "Top Chef," who is helping to launch the campaign.

"When I'm with my friends, we are always looking to discover new things to enjoy together. And our new favorite snack discovery is Nutella Biscuits. They're crunchy, creamy, and perfect to share with your friends," said Kish. "I'm so excited to collaborate with Nutella and cannot wait for others to make memories with their besties, while enjoying this delicious treat."

Crunchy, golden Nutella Biscuits come with a chocolatey center of Nutella, making them perfect to enjoy with friends.

I know I’ll be getting the friends together for book club!