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Piller's Black Kassel Ramps Up for WFFS

Piller's Black Kassel Ramps Up for WFFS

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

As the charcuterie wheels turn in anticipation of one of the Specialty Foods Association’s (SFA) biggest shows, we’ve turned to our industry friends to find out what makes the Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS) a must-attend event. I tapped Dave Brandow, Director of International Sales at Piller’s Fine Foods, creator of the Black Kassel brand, in hopes of taking a sneak peak at what the company has in store.

Dave Brandow, Director of International Sales, Piller’s Fine Foods“We're bringing together our biggest initiative, which came to market late this year and we'll be focusing on all throughout 2020: new packaging formats and product innovation,” said Dave. “This show is really the must go-to show for our products. It attracts the people, retailers, and foodservice operators that are looking for specialty foods, whether they're large chains like Costco or independent regional chains, local chains, and even mom-and-pop deli's right through to the same on the restaurant side.”

Piller's Black Kassel released a charcuterie pairings guide that describes the Black Kassel flavor adventures in detail as well as food and beverage pairing suggestions

According to Dave, the company’s biggest goal for the show is to engage buyers that will purchase Black Kassel’s offerings, but it's also a great opportunity to showcase products that attendees haven't had a chance to see. Additionally, it gives the company an opportunity to interact with attendees who could catapult further product innovation in subsequent years. With that in mind, I was curious to see why Dave believes that industry members should attend this event.

“The SFA has become the voice of the industry on specialty foods. Especially right now with the tariffs that are being put on European imported products, SFA’s voice reaches Washington in highlighting the challenges of the specialty food industry in the U.S.,” he explained. “It also has great seminars for operators with regards to specialty food to tell them about the different processes of items, whether it be dried salamis, fine cheeses, or product developments on specialty jams, spreads, pickles—you name it, the whole gamut.”

Piller's Black Kassel will be focusing on new packaging formats and product innovation throughout 2020

When it comes to merchandising Black Kassel salami, Dave suggests that retailers capitalize on the complex flavor profile experience of fermented products, like that of wines and cheeses. Ahead of WFFS, the company released a charcuterie pairings guide that describes the Black Kassel flavor adventures in detail as well as food and beverage pairing suggestions for consumers, retailers, and foodservice operators alike. As there are many specialty meat offerings in the charcuterie category, I dialed into what sets that of Black Kassel apart.

“The main differentiator of our products is that they're very authentic to their Central European heritage. In fact, these recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, tracing back to the early 1200s,” Dave noted. “They're very legendary type products, and what makes our salami different is that they're cold smoked for a minimum six days before we continue the dry aging process for a minimum of 28 days. That cold smoking process is something that is distinctive and authentic to Central Europe.”

For more of what to expect at SFA’s upcoming Winter Fancy Food Show, keep checking in with us at Deli Market News.

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