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Prairie Farms Awarded at  World Championship Cheese Contest; Matt McClelland Shares

Prairie Farms Awarded at World Championship Cheese Contest; Matt McClelland Shares

Monday, March 28th, 2022

With this year's World Championship Cheese Contest in the rearview mirror, companies across the dairy sector are expanding their trophy cases to make room for new awards. One such competitor is Prairie Farms, which has reported earning top spots across three categories for its high-quality offerings.

Matt McClelland, Chief Executive Officer, Prairie Farms "We're thrilled to be acknowledged again this year, and I'm very proud of our cheesemakers and farmers," said Matt McClelland, Chief Executive Officer. "All Prairie Farms' products start the same way—with high-quality milk and cream from our local farm families. From there, our cheesemakers craft the finest cheese available, and the prestigious World Championship Cheese Awards represent a culmination of the collective efforts of our farmers and team members at the cheese facilities."

In the cottage cheese category, Prairie Farms' 4% Small Curd Cottage Cheese made at its Quincy, Illinois, plant took home the Best of Class award and a score of 99.475, a press release stated. Its Quincy plant also earned a third-place award in the same category for its 2% Small Curd Cottage Cheese and a fourth-place honor for its Whole Milk Peach Yogurt in the Yogurt, Cow's Milk, Flavored category.

Prairie Farms recently earned top spots across three categories at the World Championship Cheese Contest, spotlighted for its high-quality offerings

Prairie Farms' Caves of Faribault team in Faribault, Minnesota, also earned third place for its Felix® blue cheese in the Blue Veined Cheeses with Exterior Molding category. The cheese received a score of 99.145 against more than a dozen other products.

Rounding out its wins, Prairie Farms' Shullsburg White Hill Division in Shullsburg, Wisconsin, earned a third-place award in the Baby Swiss Style category for its Prairie Farms Baby Swiss Wheel with a score of 98.7. The Baby Swiss Wheel went up against 16 other items in the category and came out with one of the top spots.

Congratulations to Prairie Farms on these distinguished awards!

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