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Rick's Picks Nabs 2022 sofi™ Award; Rick Field Comments

Rick's Picks Nabs 2022 sofi™ Award; Rick Field Comments

Thursday, June 9th, 2022

The Specialty Food Association’s sofi™ Awards were recently announced, and we at Deli Market News were delighted to see all of the names that made the list. One supplier that stepped into the spotlight was veteran pickled vegetable producer Rick’s Picks, which took home the award for best new product in the pickle category for its Savory Snacking Cauliflower.

Rick Field, Founder and Chief Pickler, Rick's Picks“This item was launched with our Zesty Snacking Carrots in the pickled vegetable category to create a companion Snacking Veggies offshoot to our existing Snacking Pickles. We ventured into cauliflower as we saw a huge boom in consumer interest in the vegetable in both its native form and in different preparations,” said Rick Field, Founder and Chief Pickler. “The Snacking Cauliflower has an arresting flavor profile with a nod to Indian spices that will appeal to a broad range of consumers. The clean ingredient deck places this product in a premium planogram position ideally on the perimeter of the store, serving those who seek out a healthy snacking experience.”

Like all Rick’s Picks Snack Packs, the Snacking Cauliflower offers a variety of merchandising solutions. The pouch is peggable and also gusseted so that it can be displayed on a counter, and comes in an attractive merchandisable tray. The Snacking Cauliflower takes advantage of Rick’s Picks’ innovative foil pouch format with very little brine, and achieves a 24-month shelf-life as well as Non-GMO Verification.

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As to the impact of winning a sofi award?

“We have been nominated six times for the sofi Awards in the past and won three times,” Rick told me. “Simply put, a sofi is the industry equivalent of an Oscar. It’s a badge of honor that creates a culture of appreciation.”

On a final note, Rick relayed that Rick’s Picks comes to market with a unique value proposition that extends beyond its product portfolio.

Rick’s Picks took home the sofi™ Award for best new product in the pickle category for its Savory Snacking Cauliflower

“I’m mindful these days of the value of kindness in business relationships,” he said. “My message to the industry would be that this is an important moment in human history for all of us to be very kind to each other, and that is what we aim to do at Rick’s Picks.”

Congratulations to Rick’s Picks on this well-deserved win! You can meet Rick next week in person at the Summer Fancy Food Show, in the New York state aisle, booth #7613.

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