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Sahlen Packing Co. Deli Meat Available At Weis Markets

Sahlen Packing Co. Deli Meat Available At Weis Markets

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

More delicious, authentic flavors are making their way to the deli sector as Sahlen Packing Co. expands the distribution of another unique and tasty offering. As the result of a long-standing retail partnership, the company has recently announced that select Weis Markets locations will now offer Sahlen’s Smokehouse Turkey Breast.

Kenneth Voelker, Vice President of Marketing, Sahlen Packing Co. (Photo credit: The Buffalo News)“Weis Markets has always been and continues to be one of our most valued retail partnerships,” said Sahlen’s Vice President of Marketing, Kenneth Voelker. “With every new Sahlen introduction, to any market, we provide a robust, comprehensive program that highlights the benefits of our premium meat products, encourages community engagement, and drives in-store sales traffic. We believe that no matter a customer’s familiarity with Sahlen’s Hot Dogs and Deli Meat, all it takes is one taste to create a lifelong loyalist. And we look forward to doing just that with the introduction of our Smokehouse Turkey Breast at Weis Markets.”

The retailer is already serving this offering at the deli counter in addition to Sahlen’s Smokehouse Deli Ham. According to a press release, Sahlen’s Smokehouse Turkey Breast is crafted using only the freshest gluten-free ingredients and contains whole pieces of real turkey breast meat as opposed to mechanically separated parts. This gives each slice of the oven-roasted turkey meat an authentic flavor as if it was just carved off the bone.

Sahlen Packing announced that select Weis Markets locations will now offer the company's Smokehouse Turkey Breast

For over 150 years, Sahlen Packing Co has provided retailers, foodservice operators, and families across the country with high quality meat products, including Polish and Italian sausages, a variety of deli meats, and the flagship Smokehouse Tender Casing Pork & Beef Hot Dogs. Five generations later, the company is increasing its national distribution through strong relationship building with leading retailers such as Weis Markets.

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