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Schaller & Weber Introduces Bündnerfleisch

Schaller & Weber Introduces Bündnerfleisch

Monday, December 21st, 2020

Christmas and New Years is approaching, and while at-home gatherings may be a tad different than previous years, industry frontrunners like Schaller & Weber are aiming to keep traditions and festive cheer alive and well this season. To do just that, the specialty meat curator is bringing charcuterie up a notch with its Bündnerfleisch.

According to the release, Bündnerfleisch is a thinly sliced smoked beef originating in the mountains of Switzerland. As it is a sought-after delicacy throughout Germany, Stateside consumers will be glad to know it is one of the regional specialties Ferdinand Schaller mastered before coming to America.

Adding to its rich portfolio of charcuterie offerings, Schaller & Weber has introduced its new Bündnerfleisch

Charcuterie boards will benefit from the different flavor profile Bündnerfleisch offers, as well as the texture. Often referred to as a “smoke bresaola,” each Bündnerfleisch product is seasoned with a proprietary Schaller & Weber spice blend before being air-dried and repeatedly pressed until it is ready and a deep red, an old-world process that is still practiced today.

What else can we expect to grace cheese and charcuterie boards this season? Deli Market News will keep you appraised with the latest.

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