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Schuman Cheese Launches Plant-Based Division Vevan Foods

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Schuman Cheese is well-known within the dairy industry for launching innovative products and trotting out branding that resonates with consumers. The company has once again impressed in launching its plant-based division, Vevan Foods.

Keith Schuman, Business Unit Lead, Vevan Foods“The plant-based category overall is growing rapidly, but many dairy-free cheeses fall short on texture and taste,” noted Keith Schuman, Business Unit Lead for Vevan Foods. “Schuman Cheese’s core purpose is to enhance everyday eating experiences with the highest quality cheese, and we believe that mission extends to products for all types of consumers, including plant-based eaters. Vevan Foods was created as a division of Schuman Cheese based on our confidence that we could create a better experience for plant-based consumers.”

Challenging its cheesemakers, Schuman combined the power of its world-class talent with exemplary plant-based ingredients to create a dairy-free cheese that tastes and acts just like cheese.

Vevan's plant-based cheese is slated for its retail debut in spring and summer of this year

“One of Vevan’s best attributes is its creamy texture, which means it melts like a dream. And Vevan’s flavor profiles are incredibly authentic. We’ve even had customers tell us that Vevan could easily be mistaken for a behind-the-glass slicing cheese,” Keith remarked.

The cheese, which is slated for its retail debut in spring and summer of this year, brings a fresh outlook to the category.

“We’ve leveraged a strong history of award-winning dairy cheesemaking into the best tasting and melting plant-based products in the industry,” Keith explained. “We understand cheese flavor and performance down to the microbiological level, which lets us translate this knowledge into the best high-quality plant-based products.”

Although Vevan Foods is an emerging brand, it’s quickly on its way to capturing market share in the ever-expanding plant-based sector.

Schuman Cheese combined the power of its cheesemakers’ world-class talent with exemplary plant-based ingredients to create a dairy-free cheese that tastes and acts just like cheese

“We’ll be working with a wide range of retailers, from major supermarket chains to club stores to local grocers,” Keith said. “Historically, plant-based cheese has been viewed as a compromise that should be hidden, but we’re working to shift that paradigm by bringing Vevan to the front of the case and making it fun through unique interactions with our customers, whether on the streets, in the stores, or in their homes. We believe that if your product tastes great, you need to get it into people’s mouths, so sampling is also an important part of our strategy.”

Aside from flavor and function, another important facet of Vevan products is that they are made in a dedicated facility in the central United States, where the company has the ability to scale production up and down as needed. That means retailers can count on Vevan for consistent quality, fast delivery, and a reliable partner.

With innovations already in the works, extensions of the line will allow retailers to soon offer even more options to their growing segment of plant-based shoppers, including formats for specific occasions like snacking and entertaining.

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