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Shaft's Cheese & Co. Announces Limited Release of Velvet Blue; John Gibson and Andrea Whitfield Share

Shaft's Cheese & Co. Announces Limited Release of Velvet Blue; John Gibson and Andrea Whitfield Share

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

An exciting limited release has hit our cheese aisles from our very own local cheesemaker. Just 30 minutes outside of Sacramento, California, sits Shaft’s Cheese & Co., and it recently unveiled Velvet Blue, a uniquely aged 3-Year Blue Cheese that is attracting attention among cheese connoisseurs.

John Gibson, Owner, Shaft's Cheese & Co.“We’re very excited for this limited release of our 3-Year Blue Cheese,” Owner John Gibson commented. “This product is special to me, as it culminates years of careful craft that my late father (and Founder) dreamed of for Shaft’s.”

Shaft’s Velvet Blue is the longest-aged Blue and builds on its 2-Year Ellies Vintage, expanding those flavors consumers love. It’s velvety smooth and bold with a hint of sweetness. With the fall and holiday seasons just around the corner, this is the perfect product to share and enhance the culinary experience.

Shaft’s Cheese & Co. recently unveiled a limited release, “Velvet Blue,” a uniquely aged 3-Year Blue Cheese

As noted in the release, Velvet Blue is also Shaft’s first limited-release product and shows the company’s commitment to expanding the product line while still staying true to the craft cheese world.

Andrea Whitfield, Marketing Director and Owner, Shaft’s Cheese & Co.“Velvet Blue has now taken the top spot as my favorite Shaft’s product. We can’t wait for a wider audience to experience it. This is the first of other limited-release products that we are working on and think it’s the perfect one to start with,” commented Shafts Marketing Director Andrea Whitfield.

Available for purchase through the Shaft’s Cheese & Co. website and directly from the social media channels, Velvet Blue will be shipping in the first two weeks of October and is based upon availability. It comes in a 6 lb wheel and is the freshest when consumed within six months.

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