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Spooky Scary Bakery Treats Send Shivers Down Foodies' Spines

Spooky Scary Bakery Treats Send Shivers Down Foodies' Spines

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

As someone who loves all things gory, creepy, and bloody—I did just watch A Nightmare on Elm Street after all— you can imagine that Halloween for me is a spooky delight. But what is a woman with phantasmal predilections to do when she craves grotesque gastronomy? She braves the chilly winds of Vancouver, Canada, donned in an outfit that would put Van Helsing to shame, to eat the desserts of Punk Rock Pastries.

Hollie Fraser, Founder, Punk Rock PastriesAccording to a report from the aptly-titled news source, Vancouver is Awesome, Hollie Fraser, champion of Food Network Canada’s Big Bake Halloween, has been creating disturbingly realistic desserts for those who love Halloween as much as I do. From bloody body parts to wriggling maggots, there is no dessert too gross for Fraser to attempt.

Names of her desserts run the gamut from “Pie Brains” and “Be Still My Heart” all the way to “Slimy But Satisfying” and “My Next Victim.”

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A sugary sweet grub seems to be in my future, alongside a handful of other delightfully devilish treats. So please, if you see me dipping severed fingers into a cup of coffee, look away.

Deli Market News wishes all of our readers a Happy Halloween!

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