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The Spotted Trotter Founder Kevin Ouzts Discusses New American Charcuterie

The Spotted Trotter Founder Kevin Ouzts Discusses New American Charcuterie

Monday, September 9th, 2019

As a rule, anyone who tells me to “stay hungry and always eat good meat” is going in the “mighty fine people” section of my mental Rolodex. Kevin Ouzts, Chef and Founder of The Spotted Trotter, founded his charcuterie company in 2010 with just that ethos in mind. With experience that includes a stint working at famed Napa eatery, The French Laundry, and training with Charcuterie Master Taylor Boetticher from The Fatted Calf, Kevin knows a thing or two about exceptional flavor and impeccable technique. Both are central tenets of The Spotted Trotter, whose inventive products are touted by Kevin as “New American Charcuterie”—a take on classic old-world charcuterie that honors tradition while creating something uniquely American.

Kevin Ouzts, Chef and Founder, Spotted Trotter“We are developing and coining a new style of charcuterie called ‘New American Charcuterie’ by celebrating a 3,000-year-old art form in the United States as a 243-year-old country,” he said. “The ethos of The Spotted Trotter is to celebrate the terroir of the South Eastern United States by utilizing ingredients and agriculture in the charcuterie we create—developing, recognizing, and acknowledging the amazing bounty that the South has to offer in the meats we make.”

New American Charcuterie pays homage to the immense flavor diversity of the United States, tipping a hat to the classics, but developing new production methods and flavor ratios that celebrate charcuterie made with local ingredients. The Spotted Trotter’s recipes speak to the palate of the South, utilizing regional ingredients like sorghum syrup, mayhaw, toasted pecans, long cayenne peppers, peaches, and toasted peanuts to craft next-level salami and charcuterie.

New American Charcuterie celebrates regional U.S. flavors while using traditional techniques

The Spotted Trotter’s product portfolio is extensive, with a wide array of categories that include fresh sausages, salumi, whole-cured muscle meats, pâtés, and more. While the company offers more traditional products like Italian sausage, pepperoni, sopressata, and Genoa salami, The Spotted Trotter also specializes in innovative products with unique and local flavor profiles like duck prosciutto, sorghum-cured pork belly bacon, and black cherry and pork sausage. The company recently launched a line of white paper slice pack salami for retail.

The new slice packs come in four varieties:

  • Black Pepper Sorghum Salami - cured pork
  • Sujuk Salami - cured lamb and beef
  • Salami Du Sud - uncured pork
  • Spanish Salchichon - cured pork

Taking classic recipes and infusing them with local flavor, The Spotted Trotter is able to provide its customers with something special and uniquely American. As a smaller company, The Spotted Trotter is free to take daring flavor risks and accommodate retailers in ways other companies can’t.

“We have the ability to service a handmade, small batch product made by chefs that understand the nuances of great taste,” Kevin commented. “We focus on good food made the right way—all our meats are humanely sourced and pasture raised, and we make everything in small batches every week. As such, we can react quickly and personally with any retail needs.”

While the U.S. has claimed Jazz as the great American art form, charcuterie has long been regarded as a European birthright. But as anyone in this industry knows, charcuterie from America has begun making waves overseas, and with meat auteurs like Kevin and The Spotted Trotter in our corner, the U.S. of A. is ready to make its mark on the global stage.

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