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Springside Cheese Names C.J. Crowther as National Sales Manager

Springside Cheese Names C.J. Crowther as National Sales Manager

Thursday, July 8th, 2021

Just last year, C.J. Crowther was tapped to join Springside Cheese as its Customer Account Manager. Crowther has shown great aptitude in his role, and we’re happy to announce that he has been promoted to be the Colorado-based cheesemaker’s National Sales Manager.

C.J. Crowther, National Sales Manager, Springside Cheese“I am excited to further grow the Springside Cheese brand in the communities we serve,” Crowther commented on his recent promotion to National Sales Manager with the company.

Crowther joined the Springside Cheese team in February 2020, bringing several years’ experience and a passion for food to his role as Customer Account Manager. During his 15 months with Springside Cheese, his work to redefine the wholesale process and customer experience brought Springside Cheese’s products to new markets and customers throughout Springside’s Wisconsin and Colorado communities.

According to the release, he established customer bases within distributors, co-packers, grocery channels, c-stores, specialty shops, restaurants, local FFAs, and local food banks.

In his new role, Crowther will continue to leverage consumer data and trends to help identify new partnerships and production opportunities while building customer relationships and experiences across the nation.

C.J. Crowther has been promoted to the position of National Sales Manager at Springside Cheese

On top of his duties with Springside Cheese, Crowther maintains his collaboration with local food initiatives such as the Pueblo Food Project, a community-led coalition that helps create a more vibrant, nutritious, and equitable food system in Pueblo County.

“Participating in the Pueblo Food Project is humbling,” Crowther noted. “Being part of the local food economy group has opened my eyes to the fragility of food supply systems and has motivated me to help find relief for food insecurities.”

Congratulations to C.J. Crowther on his promotion!

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