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Sysco Expands With 29.3M Facility in Ireland; Mark Lee Details

Sysco Expands With 29.3M Facility in Ireland; Mark Lee Details

Monday, June 26th, 2023

With an international network spanning the United States, Canada, and Europe, Sysco is a foodservice force to be reckoned with. The distributor continues to bolster its international footprint as Sysco’s Ireland arm recently broke ground on a new facility.

Mark Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Sysco Ireland“This new, state-of-the-art facility at Nutts Corner represents a strategically important location, allowing us excellent connectivity to serve our customers and further grow our business,” Mark Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Sysco Ireland, commented. “The development is a key part of our business strategy in Northern Ireland and will also ensure that we grow our business responsibly.”

Sysco is doubling the size of its Northern Ireland business over the next five years with a £23 million (~$29.3 million USD) distribution facility in Antrim, Ireland.

Sysco Ireland recently broke ground on a £23 million (~$29.3 million USD) distribution facility at Nutts Corner in Antrim, Ireland

Lee noted in The Irish Times that the company is committed to growing its business across Northern Ireland, gaining customers, and building a network of local suppliers.

The Sysco Belfast distribution facility in Antrim is set to open in early 2025, and when fully operational will manage more than 10,000 food products with guaranteed next-day delivery. The design incorporates solar panels, rainwater harvesting, heat-pump technology, and electric vehicle charging points.

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