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Target Tests First-Ever Net Zero Energy Location; John Conlin and Michael Fiddelke Comment

Target Tests First-Ever Net Zero Energy Location; John Conlin and Michael Fiddelke Comment

Monday, March 21st, 2022

Regenerative and sustainability practices have taken on a higher priority for retailers and suppliers. With many taking on a greener purpose, one company standing in the spotlight recently is Target. The retail chain announced it has retrofitted one of its locations to unveil its most sustainable store to date.

John Conlin, Senior Vice President of Properties, Target“We’ve been working for years at Target to shift toward sourcing more renewable energy and further reducing our carbon footprint, and our Vista store’s retrofit is the next step in our sustainability journey and a glimpse of the future we’re working toward,” said John Conlin, Senior Vice President of Properties. “Our new stores and remodel programs are designed to help achieve our sustainability goals as we test, learn, and scale our innovations over time across our operations.”

Target’s retrofitted Vista, California, location will generate more renewable energy than it needs annually to operate. As noted in a release, the site is expected to produce up to a 10 percent energy surplus each year.

Target has announced its first net zero energy store in Vista, California, in addition to a $5 billion investment plan to scale its operations in 2022

The retailer will also be using this site to test multiple innovations to reduce the building’s emissions, in addition to planning future stores. Target’s Vista location will serve as an example to inform the chain’s future investments in new stores and remodel programs.

News of this fresh and net zero energy store was announced after the retailer revealed its $5 billion investment plan to scale its operations.

Michael Fiddelke, Chief Financial Officer, Target“Years of investment in our team and business have driven our sales beyond $100 billion and positioned Target to meet the needs of our guests no matter how they choose to shop,” said Michael Fiddelke, Chief Financial Officer. “We see substantial opportunities to build on our core capabilities to drive deeper guest engagement and long-term growth.”

Sustainable practices are laid out for the location, but news of the actual layout and the chain’s departments weren’t mentioned. This trade news writer can’t help but wonder how its perishable and specialty food offerings will further be innovated to bring both value and demand to the forefront.

Click here to learn more about Target’s first net-zero energy store, and here to learn more about the retailer’s investment strategy. Deli Market News will keep an eye on the wire.