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Tops Friendly Markets Expands Flashfood Program to 18 New York Store Locations; Jeff Culhane and Josh Domingues Comment

Tops Friendly Markets Expands Flashfood Program to 18 New York Store Locations; Jeff Culhane and Josh Domingues Comment

Monday, March 13th, 2023

Tops Friendly Markets continues to curb food waste and boost shoppers' buying power with an expansion to a key partnership. The retailer expanded its alliance with Flashfood, bringing the service to 18 additional Rochester, New York-area stores. With this expansion, the duo is bringing the total number of Tops locations offering Flashfood to 68 in Western New York.

Jeff Culhane, Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Tops Friendly Markets"Part of Tops' core mission is eradicating hunger, and Flashfood is an innovative tool that allows us to provide quality product at a discounted price helping with the bottom line, all while diverting it from landfills," said Jeff Culhane, Senior Vice President, Merchandising for Tops Friendly Markets. "After expanding the program to 50 stores, we are thrilled to grow our footprint with Flashfood even further in the Rochester market to help more Tops shoppers save on groceries and continue our mission of reducing our carbon footprint."

According to a release, the program has diverted 985,358 pounds of food from the landfill. Since first adopting the Flashfood program in six stores in August 2020 and an additional 44 locations in 2021, Tops and Flashfood have saved shoppers over $2.4 million on their grocery bills.

Tops Friendly Markets is expanding its Flashfood program to include 18 additional stores in the Rochester, New York-area

The amount of food saved is equivalent to over 350,000 family meals, and the emissions saved are equal to over one million miles driven by the average passenger vehicle. With this latest expansion, Tops and Flashfood expect to hit 1 million pounds of food waste saved within the coming weeks.

Josh Domingues, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Flashfood"It's exciting when we can expand our presence with leading retail partners like Tops Friendly Markets," said Josh Domingues, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Flashfood. "To expand our partnership for a second time demonstrates not only Tops Friendly Markets' commitment to sustainability but our ability to make an impact for both shoppers and the planet. Together, we look forward to bringing even more grocery deals to New York families."

To learn more about this expansion, check out the release here.

How will the retail landscape continue to change with ideals trained to sustainability? DMN will keep a pulse on the radar.

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