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Utz Quality Foods Launches Good & Evil Snack Food Adventures

Utz Quality Foods Launches Good & Evil Snack Food Adventures

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

Utz Quality Foods is hip to the fact that snacking should be fun. With its most recent line-up, the company promises a mixture of both good and evil snack food adventures, injecting storytelling into its already playful portfolio.

Dylan Lissette, Chief Executive Officer, Utz Quality Foods“Utz continues its exponential growth through innovation, acquisition, and organic growth,” said Dylan Lissette, Chief Executive Officer. “We continue to focus on emerging trends with our national Power Brands, BFY/Craft, and regional local brands. And our unique distribution model provides a quality service that is superior in the snacking business, ensuring fans can find their favorite snacks anytime, anywhere.”

With its most recent line-up, Utz promises a mixture of both good and evil snack food adventures

The new offerings include:

  • Zapp’s® mysterious new flavor Evil Eye™. The New Orleans-style kettle potato chips feature a mild heat that underlies a spicy punch and hearty crunch that makes you wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into
  • Good Health Creamy Onion & Chive Veggie Chips. The ridged, round chip holds flavor and delivers a popular snack offering for parents and kids
  • TGIF® Buffalo Blue Pub Bites and Party Sticks Zesty House Fries snacks; they’ll take you right to that 5:00 p.m. Friday feeling
  • TORTIYAHS!®, the dipping tortilla chip. Lovers of dipping are excited to see the addition of Blue Corn and White Rounds to the line-up of Restaurant Style, Cantina, and Brazilian Lime, providing all the right flavors and forms to dip in their favorite dip
  • Boulder Canyon® Gourmet Medley Kettle Style Potato Chips. White, Russet, and Blue potatoes provide both color and delicious flavor
  • Utz's ridge-cut sea salt potato chip, introduced for those fans who seek thicker potato chips

Does my heart want the Evil Eye or the Party Sticks more? Either way, these snacks are sure to intrigue both millennials and Gen Z who want their story to have a little bite.

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