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Venus Wafers Consolidates Its Brands

Venus Wafers Consolidates Its Brands

Friday, May 31st, 2019

As consumers continue to be driven by brand loyalty, Venus Wafers is slowly consolidating its consumer-facing image into a singular, memorable brand. Its latest step in this direction is to move the remaining lavash under its Nejaime’s label over to Mariner.

Jim Anderko, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Venus Wafers“We purchased the Nejaime’s brand 15 years ago and it’s been amazing, but we feel it’s time to move in this direction and create more cohesion,” Jim Anderko, Vice President Sales & Marketing, tells me. “The Mariner brand is growing. We have reached a point now with the flatbreads that it makes more sense for us to consolidate under the Mariner brand as it brand continues to grow.”

The rebrand isn’t the only new business in the works for Venus Wafers. Already working with big buzz ingredients like olive oil and sea salt, the company decided to leverage in-house resources to launch a new flavor.

“We wanted to expand our flatbread presence, and rather than complicating the process with what we hadn’t used yet we looked across our line and found how we could implement everyday, popular ingredients. We have sea salt in all our products, for example, so we created an Olive Oil & Herb non-GMO flatbread, vegan, kosher, and perfect for current trends,” Jim shares.

Venus Wafers is slowly consolidating its consumer-facing image into a singular, memorable brand

Venus Wafers has enjoyed growth most especially in organic due to its uniqueness in the market. The demand is such that Jim says they are kept quite busy on organic flatbread requests alone.

“Our existing brands have done very well for us, which is why it has been a slow move to narrow down our brands. Ultimately though, our goal is to work toward one cohesive brand,” Jim concludes.

Venus Wafers' IDDBA booth #3552 will showcase the new additions to its Mariner brand, as well as the latest flatbread flavor to tempt consumers looking to get away from traditional cracker options. For more on this and other new offering in the industry, keep checking in with Deli Market News.

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