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Veroni Introduces New Panini Line

Veroni Introduces New Panini Line

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Proud purveyors of authentic Italian goods to the U.S. market, Veroni has expanded beyond the cured meat market. The company recently made its first foray into prepared foods stateside, with a line of convenient and flavorful panini ideal for a quick lunch or served as a snack or appetizer.

We reached out to Marketing Manager Emanuela Bigi to learn more about the line and the ways in which Veroni is pairing craft food excellence to microwave-ready convenience.

Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager, Veroni“We are constantly looking for new ways to consume our cold cuts to propose to the American consumers who wants to enjoy the excellence of ‘Made in Italy,’” said Emanuela. “As far as panini are concerned, this new line is part of a wider project to develop our cold cuts pizza. We realized that the pizza base, strictly made in Naples, could also be utilized as bread for a panini with cold cuts that respected the simplicity of the Italian tradition, but with an even more inviting and tasty combination when paired with the pizza bread.”

The company’s new line features three flavors—a Panino Al Prosciutto with dry cured ham and provolone cheese from Italy, a Panino Al Salame with mild salami and provolone cheese, and a Panino Al Salame featuring spicy salami and provolone cheese.

Cookable in just 20 seconds in the microwave, three minutes in a panini press, or five minutes in a 350º oven, Veroni’s panini offers a new standard in gourmet convenience

Like all Veroni’s products, the panini line features ingredients straight from their origins in Italy—with authentic Italian charcuterie, cheese, and rustic bread all imported from Bel Paese.

“The line has been developed balancing tradition and innovation. On the one hand, these are 100 percent Italian traditional products imported from Italy; on the other hand, they are produced in a state-of-the-art factory where these products are sliced and assembled, ensuring high quality and safety of the final product, without having to give up the taste,” Emanuela explained. “The uniqueness of the new line depends on various factors: it is a 100 percent Italian product because every single ingredient is produced in Italy and then imported into the United States; it uses the base of the pizza as bread; it is the first fresh panini available in a take-away format and can be ready in a few minutes by heating it in the oven, microwave oven, and sandwich press.”

Cookable in just 20 seconds in the microwave, three minutes in a panini press, or five minutes in a 350º oven, Veroni’s panini offer a new standard in gourmet convenience.

And Emanuela told me that the new line is packaged to sell, with a simple, premium-feeling packaging designed to convey the brand’s heritage Italian identity.

The company’s new line features three flavors—a Panino Al Prosciutto, a Panino Al Salame, and Panino Al Salame

“Simplicity and Italian identity are the guidelines for the packaging of our snack products and therefore also for the new line of panini,” said Emanuela. “The inclusion of the map and the information in Italian emphasizes the Italian identity of the product, emphasizing the origin of the bread from Naples, the city of pizza. Therefore, it is not only a declaration of ‘Made in Italy,’ but also specifically ‘Made in Naples.’ The color black was chosen to position the sandwich as a premium and to highlight the product. The label is essential and complete, containing interesting nutritional data, such as the richness in protein and the method of consumption.”

The new line is part of Veroni’s wider project, to bring Italian pizza to U.S. consumers with a kit that combines a pizza base ready to be put in the oven with a selection of Veroni cold cuts to be added during or at the end of the baking process. Emanuela added that the new line is in its final stages of testing, and the company looks forward to introducing 100 percent Italian pizzas to the U.S. dinner table very soon.

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